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Results for Keyne-O 6: Great Linford

Sunday 13th August

Amble 2.4km

1st Team Awesome Official SMOC 00:29:17
2nd Sluggards 00:32:33
3rd The Magnificent Amblersons 00:36:56
4th Rebecca Nisbet W16 SMOC 00:37:21
5th Brynes 00:42:51
6th Dragon 00:45:02
7th Batman Beyond SMOC 00:45:52
8th Anna Maria Yaneva TVOC 00:48:59
9th Krum Yanev TVOC 00:49:03
10th Hodson 00:51:25
11th Robson's 01:03:01

Junior Trot 3.5km

1st Alex Fielding HH 00:19:53
2nd Alex Pembery SMOC 00:28:00
3rd Ella May Rush 00:32:28
4th Imogen Cochran 00:41:58
5th Alec Maldar SMOC 00:49:55
6th Alesha Lowe 00:50:35
7th John Hartley 00:50:50
8th Hillary May 00:50:57
9th Amy Swinburne 00:52:14
10th Dominic Must 00:56:41
11th Caroline Rookledge 01:00:51
12th Trigo 01:01:00
13th Panda 01:14:35
14th Jo Jo and Co 01:59:14
15th A+M Jordan 02:01:42

Trot 4.7km

1st Dai Wilson RAFO 00:33:28
2nd James Nisbet M18 SMOC 00:33:45
3rd Stefan Peykov TVOC 00:41:00
4th Jason Dunning WAOC 00:42:05
5th Nikolay Yanev TVOC 00:43:33
6th Paul Hearn M50 HH 00:45:02
7th Ann Harris SMOC 00:45:39
8th Martin Cook SMOC 00:46:13
9th Phil Kirk M60 OD 00:46:20
10th Debbie Charlton W55 SMOC 00:47:40
11th David Shakespeare SMOC 00:47:50
12th Mark Salmon SMOC 00:48:33
13th Ryan and Gary SMOC 00:49:25
14th Viv Hodson HH 00:50:22
15th Philip May 00:50:37
16th Charles Taylor-Keane M60 SMOC 00:50:46
17th Gill Hanson HH 00:52:13
18th McKinley 00:53:11
19th Sandra Mather SMOC 00:56:08
20th Abbie Taylor W21 00:58:47
21st Hooples Hiker 01:02:28
22nd Danny Hearn TVOC 01:04:29
23rd Howard 01:05:57
24th Dougie Cochran M45 TVOC 01:06:02
25th Kairn Kirk W70 OD 01:06:04
26th Paul Lowe M55 SUFFOC 01:06:32
27th Lukas Brackenbury & His Little Helpers SMOC 01:07:48
28th Team Skipton 01:07:50
29th Ros James SMOC 01:08:27
30th Jennifer Taylor W70 CHIG 01:14:32
31st Wendy Kent SMOC 01:15:14
32nd Anne Power W85 LOK 01:16:54
33rd Robert Taylor 01:18:32
34th Family P 01:33:38
35th Aesch's 02:05:46
36th David and Maria 02:20:20
mp Sue Hartley W60 WAOC 00:52:27

Run 6.3km

1st Sam Fielding HH 00:38:51
2nd Kevin Fielding HH 00:40:01
3rd Yuwei Liang 00:42:39
4th Matthew Pembery SMOC 00:44:59
5th Tim Must TVOC 00:46:37
6th Rien De Keyser 00:47:21
7th Tereza Maria Rush BOK 00:48:51
8th Alfie Bullus M18 OD 00:50:14
9th David Hodson HH 00:50:36
10th Daniel Hodson HH 00:51:36
11th Stephen Borrill WAOC 00:52:19
12th Ed Jones M45 SMOC 00:52:22
13th Robert Herkes Garingal OC 00:54:06
14th Team Awful SMOC 00:54:14
15th Mike Jones M60 SMOC 00:55:09
16th Kadmiel Maseyk 00:55:11
17th Mikhail Ergaznevich TVOC 00:55:20
18th Peter Duthie M53 WAOC 00:55:56
19th Dorien James SMOC 00:56:37
20th Mark Rookledge M50 OD 00:56:51
21st Matthew Harden HH 00:57:50
22nd Mike Hampton M70 OD 01:00:32
23rd Tony Harden HH 01:01:43
24th Mark Glover SMOC 01:01:48
25th Agne Suksteryte W35 01:02:55
26th Mike Shires M40 TVOC 01:05:14
27th Peter Riches TVOC 01:06:22
28th Roger Geere 01:08:17
29th Paul Rushmer SMOC 01:08:57
30th Graham Pembery SMOC 01:09:41
31st Walnut Tree Wimbolers SMOC 01:12:43
32nd Janet Pembery SMOC 01:14:49
33rd Catherine Galvin W55 LOK 01:15:48
34th Haydn Leaker SMOC 01:21:38
35th Martin Bay 01:27:02

Next event

Our next event is the Keyne-O at Furzton on Sunday 3rd September.

Organiser's Comments

After a week of rain, we had fabulous weather at today's Great Linford Keyne-O event. There was a good turnout, including O tourists from Australia! We had an unexpectedly high number on the Run course so thank you to those who gave up their map for another runner. If you would like your map returned please email me. There were some pleasant comments about Ian's courses - especialy around interesting route choices.

Thanks to helpers: Alison, Charles, James, Rebecca, Freya, Ann, Debbie, Ros and Haydn. Please consider giving an hour of your time to lend a hand next time as it really spreads the load.

Helen Nisbet

Planner's Comments

I hope everyone enjoyed today’s courses. It’s sometimes a little difficult providing variety on the Amble course, as it can’t cross roads for safety reason, and there’s only really one possible route to and from the Stonepit area. But as I planned the event last year, I made sure that no control point used on any course in 2016 was used again this time, so it should have felt a little different. Where road crossings permit, for 2017 we have introduced a fourth Junior Trot course, slightly more challenging than the Amble, but still suitable for under 16s. I hope that those of you doing the course felt it was a worthwhile addition.

Great Linford is one of the areas of Milton Keynes that benefits from a proper ISSOM-standard urban map – and the extra detail certainly makes it easier for the planner to select some interesting controls. It also allows plenty of route choice for the longer courses, and chatting to participants afterwards I was pleased to discover that one leg on the Run had been done at least four quite different ways. Actual running distances at urban-type events are always longer than the straight-line distances - a couple of people told me today that although the Run was "only" 6.3k, according to their GPS they had actually run 8.7k!

I apologise if the recent damp weather had encouraged the nettles to grow up again (I certainly stung myself putting out the controls in shorts) and if one control ended up being sited next to a small pond that was neither on the map nor there when I planned the courses before going up to the Scottish 6 Days. But at least the weather was glorious for running, even though it meant we had more entrants than expected on the Run so ran out of maps – thank you, if you allowed yours to be recycled.

I’d like to thank Helen for organising; Freya for commenting on my draft courses and suggesting some improvements – it’s amazing how taking out a control can sometimes make a leg a lot more interesting – and to Freya (again), Haydn and Ann for helping put out or collect in the controls.

Ian Byrne

Joining SMOC

If you are new to orienteering and wish to join SMOC, you can join via the British Orienteering website here.