Club Nights

Club nights are for all members whether old hands, just starting out or members of other clubs. We'll even be happy to welcome along potential club members for a session or two before signing you up. This year are are putting on a mixture of technical training led by our Club Coach Steve Hardy, plus Street-O led by club members at various locations around MK.

The calendar of events runs on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month from April to September).

Watch out for updates on the website about future sessions.

Dates for 2019

Thursday 11 April - Technical training
Thursday 25 April - Street-O
Thursday 9 May - Technical training
Thursday 23 May - Street-O - Buckingham
Thursday 13 June - Technical training
Thursday 27 June - Street-O - Wolverton
Thursday 11 July - Technical Training
Thursday 25 July - Street-O - Stony Stratford
Thursday 8 August - Technical training
Thursday 22 August - Street-O
Thursday 12 September - Technical training
Thursday 26 September - Street-O

Our clubnight co-ordinator is Debbie Charlton

Street-O explained

Street-O is urban orienteering in a “score” format. Each competitor starts individually and is given a special map showing the local road and path network. A number of control sites are marked on the map, each of which is allocated a certain number of points. The challenge is to score the highest number of points from visiting these sites within the time limit of 45 minutes. But beware, if you come back late you will be punished by being docked points!

To add to the fun we have decided to turn the series into a mini-league with points accumulated after each Street-O event of the series! More details to follow.

Starts from 1900 to 1930.

Don't forget a watch, a pen and a headtorch.