Results for Keyne-O 3: Loughton Valley

Sunday 22nd May

Amble 2.9km

2Cobb Family31.08
3Team AwesomeSMOC33.40
4The Russell Family35.56
5The Bromley36.30
6Finn Schell44.00
7Team Skipton49.04
8Max + Ethan Hornshaw51.20
9Maria + David Buckley54.06
10Colin CurtisWAOC54.11
12Ewan Kane57.01
13Team BFF57.27
14Claudie Rosani59.39
15Kata CzirbeszSMOC60.37
16Naomi Parrott61.26
17Sue Rae65.50
18Team Palmer66.43
19Team Star67.46
20Team Boughton68.46
21Team Yallop69.21
22Team Bennett-Thorpe69.22
23Dorothy WoodallNOC71.50
24The Davii78.22
25Team Lollipop91.20

Trot 5.0km

1Alfie BullusOD34.17
2Ryan Farnes38.02
3Hugh LachlanLEI41.38
4Karen VinesSMOC41.40
5Ann HarrisSMOC47.05
6Mark SalmonSMOC47.10
7Katie BowSMOC49.27
8Ros JamesSMOC53.40
9Alex PemberySMOC55.09
10Debbie CharltonSMOC55.25
11David EastonSMOC61.01
12Todd RaeSMOC61.08
13John WoodallNOC61.27
14Dave MatthewsSMOC64.38
15Endre CzirbeszSMOC66.50
16Hilary Kane67.01
17Dora BognarSMOC67.52
18Jack DunningWAOC68.46
19Team Ansell68.54
20Heidi LloydTVOC71.37
21Steve Groves72.30
22Caitlin DunningWAOC72.45
23Golden Eagles73.40
24Malcolm Howard74.27
25Wendy KentSMOC75.40
26Maria MarshallWAOC76.20
27Claire Tomlinson78.32
28Chris & June FoxSMOC79.39
29Bob AustinSMOC79.45
30Hoopless Hikers81.56
31Rosemary Ferguson85.41
32David Hosking88.00
33King Potato94.35
34Samantha Hosking116.50
35Gillian Hogg126.54

Run 6.9km

1Ed JonesSMOC48.01
2Oliver TomlinsonSMOC48.02
3Stephen BorrillWAOC50.13
4Nerijus TatarunasSMOC55.27
5Jason DunningWAOC55.54
6Steve HardySMOC58.00
7David Shakespeare58.43
8Rachel EdwardsSMOC60.05
9Rob AskhamSMOC62.20
10Mark GloverSMOC67.09
11Bruce MarshallWAOC67.20
12Tracy Brown67.28
13Ian WellsRAFO72.51
14Jan + MelSMOC79.32
15Krisztina CzirbeszSMOC90.01
16Aaron Martin & Mike Reeves94.48
17Libby Craig & Katrina Reeves95.45
18Rodney HugoOD103.42

Next event

The next event is the Urban Event and Keyne-O at Howe Park Wood on SATURDAY 25th June.

Organisers' Comments

A lovely sunny day and a fantastic turnout for our third Keyne-O of the year. Many thanks to Charles for planning some entertaining courses. And thank you to our helper team Freya, Rob, Ed, Ann and Debbie, plus Will on results.

Dont forget that the next event in this series is a special one. It takes place on SATURDAY 25th June at Howe Park Wood and offers a range of urban courses, as well as the usual Keyne-O options. Well also be using electronic punching (SI), which is even more fun than traditional pin punching and gives you the chance to see exactly how long you took over each control!

As always, wed love to hear from you if you can offer help at this event. As an incentive, were offering half-price entry to all helpers. Email Ros if you can help, and well tell you how you can get half-price entry online.

Ros James, Steve Hardy and Karen Vines

Planner's Comments

Loughton Valley is an interesting place to plan a Keyne-O event, as the railway lines, brook and various roads offer a challenge! Not only that, though - I had not done any course planning for over 30 years so I did have to get up to speed with the changes that have occurred in planning since then.

Wherever possible with the Trot and Run courses I tried to plan legs that switched the courses around what parkland was available. Clearly though I was not able to do this with the Amble. Hopefully though everyone who took part benefitted in some way from doing it.

My thanks to Keith and Steve for their help in sorting out the various issues that came up and on the day many thanks to the helpers who assisted me in collecting in the controls.

Charles Taylor-Keane

Joining SMOC

If you are new to orienteering and wish to join SMOC, you can join via the British Orienteering website here.