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The next Keyne-O is on Sunday 11th October at Great Linford.

Organiser's Comments

There was an excellent turn-out in almost perfect running conditions at Campbell Park this morning. We had a good number of newbies as well as several visitors from neighbouring clubs who had never been to MK before let alone Campbell Park. 10 people were awarded medals today having run at all 7 events so far.
I hope my first outing as organiser came up to scratch but I really couldn’t have done it without my band of helpers. A big thank you to Ed, Jaya, Steve, Karen and Alec. A special thanks to Charles for putting out signs and help with taming the tent to getting it back in the bag.
I would like to thank Don for his planning skills as there was some very positive feedback, especially regarding the child friendly nature of the amble.
There is one item of lost property - a small tapestry case containing a pen, a nail file and a comb.

Wendy Kent

Planner's Comments

I hope everyone enjoyed their courses especially as it was my first go at planning. My key aim was to give plenty of route choice on all courses and to give a full flavour of the park and surrounds (blackberries, foxes, rabbits, sheep and swans were an added bonus). Judging by the feedback I didn't go too far wrong although all credit goes to Steve Hardy who helped me enormously with the courses plus deserves special praise for saving the day by printing out all the courses (after our friendly printer suffered a bereavement).
Thanks also to my teenage son James, who got out of bed on Sunday at silly o'clock to help put out the controls and ensured that we were up and running in good time.
For those serious runners who were complaining about heavy legs from the London City Race on Saturday, spare a thought for Rachel Edwards who not only did the London City Race but completed a triathlon this morning prior to the Keyne-O. Best excuse of the day was thankfully not about control positioning or the map but "I would have been faster but I stopped to pick blackberries...."
Thanks to all for making the hard effort worthwhile.

Don Nisbet

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Joining SMOC

If you are new to orienteering and wish to join SMOC, you can join via the British Orienteering website here.

PositionNameClubAge classTime taken
Amble 2.6km
1 The Cockroaches & a Milly     00:20:52
2 Wendy Kent     00:28:29
3 Sluggards     00:28:37
4 Team Pickle     00:28:56
5 The Schells     00:30:15
6 Star Anise   W8 00:31:11
7 James & Mammy     00:32:15
8 Euan Kane     00:33:32
9 Autumn Runners     00:34:39
10 Hristov Family     00:35:01
11 The Bromleys     00:35:19
12 Butterfly Team     00:35:26
13 Iain, Elaine, Connie & Fraser Read     00:38:10
14 Cobb Family     00:40:08
15 Wolfe     00:43:26
16 Team Palmer     00:44:00
17 Rock & Royals SMOC   00:44:39
18 Team Taylor     00:44:52
19 Fantastic Two     00:45:15
20 Sunday Fundays     00:48:00
21 Wooly Mamoths     00:49:26
22 Robson     00:50:05
23 The Davis     00:51:04
24 Daniel Latto HH M7 00:51:04
25 Ronny Wood HH   00:51:05
26 David Allen     00:53:41
27 McBride     00:53:41
28 Lego Legs     00:55:55
29 Batman Superman Chocolate     01:00:00
30 Taylor Law United     01:05:19
Trot 4.8km
1 Ryan, Dad & Echo     00:38:27
2 Mark Thompson TVOC M60 00:39:00
3 Alex Pembery SMOC M14 00:42:19
4 The Frogs     00:42:30
5 Adam & Ruri Piers     00:43:13
6 Mark Salmon SMOC M45 00:43:48
7 Dave Varty SMOC M50 00:48:22
8 Dave Matthews SMOC M50 00:48:45
9 John Ward OD M70 00:50:33
10 Yvonne Hodson TVOC W65 00:50:50
11 David Easton SMOC M50 00:52:53
12 Claire Tomlinson   W21 00:56:30
13 Ernie Williams LEI M70 01:00:30
14 Bob Austin SMOC M65 01:04:22
15 Reluctant Retfords     01:05:55
16 Slahuddeen     01:06:58
17 June & Chris Fox SMOC   01:08:17
18 King Potato     01:13:47
19 Swell     01:28:55
20 The Incredibles     01:32:36
21 Oliver Wolfe     01:41:36
22 David & Maria     01:55:07
Run 6.8km
1 Ed Jones SMOC   00:39:36
2 Oliver Tomlinson SMOC M21 00:42:24
3 Ed Shakespeare   M16 00:42:51
4 Jan Travnicek TVOC M40 00:46:02
5 Stephen Borrill WAOC M40 00:47:53
6 Karen Vines SMOC   00:51:02
7 Agne Suksteryte   W35 00:51:07
8 David Shakespeare   M50 00:53:43
9 Jason Dunning WAOC M40 00:53:44
10 Rachel Edwards SMOC W50 00:54:22
11 John Middler OD M60 01:02:57
12 Steven Le Tocq   M40 01:03:03
13 Graham Pembery SMOC M55 01:03:21
14 Janet & Mel SMOC   01:03:36
15 Martin Bay     01:03:50
16 Peter Riches TVOC M65 01:04:18
17 Peter Leake LEI M75 01:07:22
18 Mark Glover WAOC M21 01:08:42
19 Charles Taylor-Keane SMOC M60 01:27:06

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