SMOC Club Nights

Club nights are usually run on Thursday evenings from 7:00 to 8:30. We normally take a winter break and there will be a couple of club nights a month from April to November. The venue will vary to take advantage of the variety of terrain available in Milton Keynes parks. For details of the next few venues click here.

Who are club nights for?

Club nights are designed for all members of SMOC whether old hands or just starting out. We'll even be happy to welcome along potential club members for a session or two before signing you up. Juniors will be welcome too though the activities probably aren't suitable for under 9s. Children under 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

What do club nights consist of?

Lots of fun stuff including:

Physical and mental challenges: The physical will be more about skill (and possibly luck) rather than strength or speed, in neither case will there necessarily be a direct orienteering link but they should get you thinking.

Sessions that will help you develop your technical orienteering skills. The emphasis is on fun, but your orienteering should improve on the way. We'll cover the whole gamut of techniques from basic map reading to contour appreciation so there will be something for everyone.

Mini-Races and competitions to test new found skills in a competitive environment, or just to have fun racing. We'll try and make sure it's not always the hares who win.

Plenty of chat about orienteering events that have just happened and those that are coming up - including a 'leg of the week' when someone will either show us how brilliant they have been or, and this is more likely, just how silly they have been so we can learn from their mistakes.

As well as technical orienteering will also look at other aspects of orienteering including how maps are created, and how events are planned and organised. This won't just, or even mostly, be theory. We'll actually be mapping, planning courses and running (tiny) events. Includes the tent race.

There will be a monthly 'physical' session involving about 30 minutes of varied pace running - see club night diary for venues.

If anyone feels the need for coaching or practice in specific techniques or on appropriate physical training advice is available from qualified coaches.

Generally we start with the active, more physical stuff and finish with the sociable chats.

Do I need any special clothing or equipment?

Wear whatever you would for a walk or a run in the park. We'll be based indoors but unless it's tipping it down we'll usually be heading outside and orienteers rarely stick to the paths so sensible footwear is essential. At some venues you'll need clean footwear for inside activiries. And bring a waterproof. We'll try and provide all equipment that's necessary. If you have a compass bring that along but we'll have few for novices to use if required. If it's likely to be dark a torch / headlamp may come in handy.

What does it cost?:

We need to make a small charge to cover the venue costs: 2 for Adult Club members, 3 for other adults, 1 for juniors and full time students.

What time do club nights start and finish?

Starts will be prompt at 7:00, finishing at about 8:30.

Who can I contact if I've still got questions?

Steve Hardy - email: