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The next Keyne-O is on Sunday 13th September at Campbell Park.

Planner's Comments

Itís always a pleasure planning the Ouzel Valley, as itís possibly the least "urban" of the Keyne-O areas, and allows varied Trot courses to be planned without needing to cross any minor roads. I hope that the resulting courses offered a suitable challenge for all levels of orienteer on a lovely late summerís morning. I also like this area as I can stay in bed later when laying out the courses on the Sunday morning, as my house lies inside the route I set for the Run course!

No-one reported any problems with livestock, even though a bullock was zealously guarding a gate when I was putting out the controls, making me wait a couple of minutes before it decided to wander back into the main field. In the same area, Iím sorry if the shortest route choices on the trot required climbing over a locked gate in a couple of places - both had acceptable (and probably faster) alternatives by keeping to the paths in case anyone was out with a pushchair.

We always plan the longer courses so that there is some route choice, even if itís only a decision about whether the dodge the cricket and rounders games on Woughton playing fields by staying on the path that skirts them. The very definitely uncrossable Ouzel also gives opportunities for offering alternative routes when thereís a choice of bridges. I was pleased to find that there were several legs for which competitors had actually made different decisions - although the Runner who decided to save about 10 metres and fight his way through a hedge of brambles possibly didnít make the right one! As some participants now carry GPS, they can tell me exact distance that they covered - so I know that one quite fast Run was not the straight line 7.2km on the map but took just over two kilometres more at 9.29km.

Finally I would like to thank the rest of the team, including the helpers on the day under the watchful eye of Helen Nisbet, as well as Steve Hardy who drew and updated the map, and Dorien James for acting as controller and allowing me to retain a couple of interesting if slightly unusual control points. My next planning outing will hopefully be my first effort at a full range of colour coded courses for a level C event, in Priory Park near Bedford this autumn, so I hope to see as many of you there as possible.

Ian Byrne

Organiser's Comments

We hope you all enjoyed Ian's courses on what turned out to be a lovely day. Thanks to The Open University for use of their facilities and to all our helpers: Karen Vines, Steve Hardy, Rachel Edwards, Tasha Kent, Alec Maldar, Wendy Kent, Ros James, Alex, Matthew, Janet and Graham Pembery, and James, Rebecca and Don Nisbet.

Helen Nisbet

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PositionNameClubAge classTime taken
Amble 3.0km
1 Matthew Pembery SMOC M16 00:21:00
2 Jane Drury SMOC W21 00:24:03
3 Ian Giggs     00:24:23
4 Reluctant Retfords     00:31:50
5 Sluggards     00:36:35
6 The Millys SMOC   00:37:22
7 Team Lost     00:43:02
8 Tasha Kent SMOC   00:43:50
9 A gecko & a cockroach SMOC   00:46:37
10 Summertastic    00:48:06
11 The Pyes    00:53:42
12 Team Taylor    00:54:04
13 The Woofers SMOC   00:55:44
14 Team Oalof     00:56:30
15 Minions are Go SMOC   00:56:50
16 Cobb Family     00:59:00
17 Timi Czirbesz SMOC W14 01:04:30
18 Audrey Geere TVOC W80 01:05:00
19 Rosey Ladies     01:07:06
20 Kata Czirbesz SMOC W10 01:15:05
21 T Rex     01:27:00
22 Lego Legs     01:51:16
23 Finn & Simon     Retired
Trot 4.5km
1 Ric Brackenbury SMOC 00:29:10
2 Mikhail Gryaznevich TVOC M60 00:30:25
3 Paul Hearn HH M50 00:32:43
4 Dougie Cochran TVOC M45 00:33:00
5 David Saunders HH M55 00:33:44
6 Rob Askham SMOC M40 00:36:09
7 Steve Hardy SMOC   00:36:55
8 Mark Salmon SMOC M45 00:36:57
9 Eliza Hermann HH W50 00:39:22
10 Ryan, dad & echo   M16 00:41:00
11 Alex Pembery SMOC M14 00:41:18
12 Helen Nisbet SMOC   00:41:30
13 Ann Harris SMOC W60 00:43:25
14 Krisztina Czirbesz SMOC W40 00:43:41
15 Rebecca Nisbet SMOC W14 00:46:03
16 Ros James SMOC W50 00:46:14
17 David Easton SMOC M55 00:47:00
18 Dora Bognar SMOC W20 00:47:54
19 Yvonne Hodson TVOC W65 00:48:06
20 Endre Czirbesz SMOC M40 00:49:22
21 Dave Varty SMOC M50 00:49:45
22 Dave Matthews SMOC M50 00:52:34
23 Alec Maldar SMOC M55 00:53:03
24 Family Homer     00:55:00
25 Bob Austin SMOC M65 00:55:49
26 Wendy Kent SMOC W55 00:56:04
27 Anne Power LOK W80 01:00:18
28 June & Chris Fox SMOC   01:01:56
29 Samantha & Ken Walker     01:04:00
30 Hendry     01:07:30
31 Jenifer Taylor CHIG W70 01:08:00
32 Hoopless Hikers     01:08:01
33 The Bromleys     01:11:48
34 Fergussons     01:29:14
35 Bernard Potter TVOC   01:32:00
36 Colin Curtis WAOC M80 Retired
Run 7.2km
1 Ben Green TVOC M35 00:44:14
2 Robin Bishop TVOC M45 00:46:16
3 Richard Pownall SMOC   00:50:24
4 Ian Buxton TVOC M50 00:51:43
5 James Nisbet SMOC M16 00:53:15
6 Rachel Edwards SMOC W50 00:53:16
7 Oliver Tomlinson SMOC M21 00:53:21
8 Stephen Borrice WAOC M40 00:54:25
9 Karen Vines SMOC   00:56:16
10 Jason Dunning WAOC M40 00:56:21
11 Liz Phillips OD W50 00:58:09
12 Jim Wilson TVOC M55 00:58:55
13 Sue Jones TVOC W50 00:59:22
14 Haydn Leaker SMOC   01:01:06
15 Ian Wells RAFO M60 01:01:36
16 Roger Geere     01:02:00
17 Martin Bay     01:05:02
18 Drew Vanbeck SMOC M50 01:05:09
19 Peter Riches TVOC   01:07:31
20 Graham Pembery SMOC   01:07:36
21 Mark Glover WAOC M21 01:07:57
22 Not a Trot     01:08:52
23 Genevieve Webb NZ W50 01:10:37
24 Hugh Lachlan LEI   01:15:50
25 Janet Pembery SMOC   01:18:12
26 Catherine Galvin LOK W50 01:25:00
27 Tim Webb NZ M50 01:26:36
28 David Sedgley SMOC M70 01:29:51
29 Matthew Smart     Retired

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