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The next Keyne-O is on Sunday 16 August at Ouzel Valley Park.

Organiser's Comments

When we planned the event we didn't know that they was going to be a concert at the bowl the night before. Hopefully most of the litter and all the broken glass had been cleared up before people started their runs, but we can only apologise if at times parts of the courses felt more grittily "urban" than is normal in Milton Keynes' parks.

A big thank you to Rachel for planning, and all today's helpers: Alec, Wendy, Ann, Charles, Steve, Karen, Ros and Dorien.

Keyne-O 2015 t-shirts are available to order for anyone who has completed three runs - ask us at the next event.

Putting on Keyne-Os is enjoyable but it takes about 10 people to run each event. If you take part regularly, please consider offering to help - it's very easy, we'll show you what to do, and all helpers get a free run!

Ian Byrne

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SMOC is now running weekly club nights. These are an ideal opportunity to learn new orienteering skills, improve your current skills, have fun and meet club members. See Club Nights for details.

Amble 3.1k
PlaceNameClubAge ClassTime
1Dora BognarSMOCW200:25:15
2Ros JamesSMOCW500:25:38
3Imogen CochranTVOCW100:25:41
4Alec MaldarSMOCM550:29:39
5The Cockroaches & a Milly0:30:40
6Timi CzirbeszSMOCW140:32:19
7Star Anise0:36:55
8Cobb Family0:37:57
9Hannah Freeman & Alfie Stower0:38:33
10Team Lost0:38:50
11The Pyes0:42:37
13Team Frizzley0:43:13
14Team Taylor0:43:38
15Schells - 10:43:57
16Newbery Family0:45:30
17Superman & Batman0:46:35
18Team Greenwood0:49:28
20Hopkins Family0:58:37
21Sarah, Daniel and Lacey Genge1:00:44
22Kata CzirbeszSMOCW141:03:44
23Lego Legs1:20:14
mpAlan GoldsmithM700:40:28
Trot 5.1k
Place Name Club Age Class Time
1Steven le Tocq0:28:21
2Dnestrovskij AM500:30:52
3Karen VinesSMOCW450:30:57
4Dougie CochranTVOCM450:31:57
5Yael SegalASA TLVW210:32:40
6Alex PemberySMOCM140:33:47
7Andy Barker-PilsworthRAFOM450:34:18
9Gillian HansonHHW450:36:43
10Jane DrurySMOCW210:37:03
11Eliza HermannHHW500:38:06
12Krisztina CzirbeszSMOCW400:38:27
13Ann HarrisSMOCW600:42:01
14Dave MatthewsSMOCM500:44:56
15Bob Austin0:46:15
16Endre CzirbeszSMOCM400:47:17
17Wendy KentSMOCW550:48:29
18Alexander Simpson0:56:01
19Jim Simpson0:56:01
20The Bonhams0:59:22
21Reluctant Retfords0:59:59
22King Potato1:00:28
24June and Chris FoxSMOC1:11:35
25Team Hosking1:15:09
26Dwight Delight1:17:19
27Bernard PotterTVOCM851:18:37
28David and Maria1:25:23
29Top Mark Diplodocus Wacker1:27:15
Run 6.8k
Place Name Club Age Class Time
1Zef SegalASA TLVM350:32:28
2Mark AdamsHHM500:37:33
3Stephen BorrillWAOCM400:38:03
4Mick SmithHHM650:39:06
5Andrew WardLEIM210:39:47
6Beth HansonEUOCW200:39:54
7Mikhail GryaznevichTVOCM600:41:34
8J DunningWAOCM400:41:34
9Mike CapperWAOCM600:43:00
10Graham PemberySMOCM550:49:13
11Peter PotterDEEM550:50:33
12Janet PemberySMOCW501:00:05
13Charles Taylor-KeaneSMOCM601:06:25
14Ian WellsRAFOM601:16:33

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