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If you enjoyed this event then why not come along to our next event on Sunday 14 June at Loughton Valley.

Organiser's Comments

Thanks to Karen and Steve for planning and to Robert for providing the original courses. Also a big thank you to all today's helpers: Helen, Ian, Freya, Carys, Wendy, Alec, Tasha and Ann.

One pink fleece has been handed in: please email if it's yours.

Keyne-O 2015 t-shirts are available to order for anyone who has completed three runs - ask us at the next event.

Putting on Keyne-Os is enjoyable but it takes about 10 people to run each event. If you take part regularly, please consider offering to help - it's very easy, we'll show you what to do, and all helpers get a free run!

Ros James

Planner's Comments

To a few competitors the courses may have seemed a little familiar. Due to a relatively late loss of a planner we based this events courses on the excellent courses planned by Robert Dove for the March 2013 event. That event was the only Keyne-O we have ever had when it snowed, and when it wasn't snowing it rained. Unsurprisingly we had a very low turn out that day and so we felt recycling the courses would be acceptable. Some changes were necessary. The original Start and Finish are now under the lovely new visitor centre. The Amble course was virtually unchanged. Trot required slight modification to satisfy our current stricter criteria for road crossings. Run needed the most modification as it was on the long side and needed some changes to make it more urban in nature - apart from the fact that controls in the wood that are OK in March have often disappeared under nettles by May. Apart from these minor tweaks our main contribution was getting up a bit early on Sunday to hang the controls.

Apologies to early competitors who found a control missing and thanks to Janet who found and replaced it before we got there to replace it.

Steve Hardy and Karen Vines

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SMOC is now running weekly club nights. These are an ideal opportunity to learn new orienteering skills, improve your current skills, have fun and meet club members. See Club Nights for details.

Amble 2.6k
PlaceNameClubAge ClassTime
1Matthew PemberySMOCM160:18:44
3Rebecca NisbetSMOCW140:21:13
4Liberty Allstars0:27:39
5Star AniseW100:28:04
7The MillysSMOC0:32:59
8Cobb Family0:33:00
9Popping Candy0:33:25
10revilO ylimE nniF Unicornia0:34:24
11Jenny HuntWAOCW350:34:50
12The Hoskings0:36:50
13The Bromleys0:37:34
14Team Grizzly0:40:36
15Timi CzirbeszSMOCW140:40:45
16Team Greenwood0:41:20
17Birthday TeamSMOC0:45:49
19Foley Fliers1:02:03
20The Flash1:03:00
22The Cheetahs1:15:42
23Kata CzirbeszSMOCW101:46:50
Trot 4.7k
Place Name Club Age Class Time
1Paul HearnHHM500:33:26
2Ryan, Dad and EchoM140:36:53
3Mark SalmonSMOCM450:39:05
5Helen NisbetSMOCW500:42:19
6Izzy JonesSMOC0:43:43
7Dora BognarSMOCW200:46:26
10Dave VartySMOCM500:47:20
11Krisztina CzirbeszSMOCW400:48:29
12Team Le Tocq0:49:01
13Jane Drury0:49:01
14Alec MaldarSMOCM550:50:05
15Dave MatthewsSMOCM500:51:40
16Gideon FeltonM500:53:00
17Endre CzirbeszSMOCM400:53:47
19Relectant Retfords0:55:50
20Sue HallettODW650:56:02
21The Parkes Family Winners!0:57:41
22John WoodallNOCM750:59:25
23Malc & Dawn1:00:08
24Wendy KentSMOCW551:00:37
25Ann Virco1:01:04
26June & Chris FoxSMOC1:07:52
28Hoopless Hikers1:08:50
29Hawthorne Family1:09:50
30Martin Family1:10:07
32Bob AustinSMOCM651:12:45
34Bernard PotterTVOC1:22:27
35King Potato1:28:04
36Aussie Battlers1:28:41
39Maria and David Buckley1:30:50
40Pearson Prowlers1:54:47
41Lego Legs2:01:40
rtdTasha Kent0:00:00
Run 6.7k
Place Name Club Age Class Time
1Tim MustTVOCM450:34:48
2Ed JonesSMOCM400:38:45
3Simon ErringtonHHM500:42:19
4Carys JamesSMOCW210:44:07
5Ed ShakespeareM160:45:25
6Stephen BorrillWAOCM400:45:30
7Jason DunningWAOCM400:46:30
8Van Bever0:46:46
9David ShakespeareM450:49:35
10Freya and LolaSMOCW400:51:10
11Ian ByrneSMOCM550:52:01
12Hugh LachlanLEIM500:52:45
13Bob BrandonODM650:53:35
14Mark GloverWAOCM210:53:55
15Karen VinesSMOCW450:54:25
16Drew VanbeckSMOCM500:55:41
17Mark ThompsonTVOCM600:58:55
18Janet and MelSMOC1:00:43
20Peter RichesTVOCM651:07:18
21Rob AskhamSMOCM401:09:52
22Charles Taylor-KeaneSMOCM601:15:24
23Juan Garcia Herrero1:25:21