Next event

Next Keyne-O is Sunday 19th April at Shenley Wood.

Organisers' Comments

The sunshine brought out a good crowd today, including a good number of first timers. Apologies to early runners on Trot who failed to find control 8. And well done Freya for replacing it so quickly. We heard nothing but positive comments on the courses so Freya obviously did a good job on the planning front. Thanks are also due to the hard working team of helpers who make the event run smoothly.

Steve Hardy and Karen Vines.

Planner's Comments

I seem to be so lucky with the weather whenever I plan for a Keyne-O event! Putting out the controls as the sun breaks through is a great feeling! Linford Wood is a wonderful space, even more amazing given its proximity to the centre of Milton Keynes. However, it does present some challenges in terms of planning a course long enough for the trot within the boundaries of surrounding roads. I did end up with a cross over in the course to try to keep it interesting but, given that we use pin punches and not electronic controls, this relies on the sporting nature of the participants to pick up the controls in order. It was great to see so many new faces and I hope we will see you all at Shenley Wood next month!

Freya Askham

Joining SMOC

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Club Nights Now on THURSDAYS

SMOC is now running weekly club nights, these are an ideal opportunity to learn new orienteering skills, improve your current skills, have fun and meet club members. See Club Nights for details.

4Charlie Russell is 6 today!00:29:50
5The Milly's00:32:26
7The Bromleys00:37:16
8Star Anise00:39:12
9Sidmouth Specials00:42:28
10The Cobb Family00:44:09
11Poppy Harris00:45:20
12Schell - 100:45:30
13Alan Goldsmith00:47:00
14Hattie + Emily00:52:03
15My parents are bananas00:52:40
16The Pyes00:56:40
17=The Davii00:57:36
17=Crazy Cooks00:57:36
19Team Blue00:58:31
20Dennis Parton + 400:58:44
23Team Cherries01:05:00
24Team Spike01:07:21
25Pearson Prowlers01:11:05
26Milosz Borowczak01:13:19
rtdL Novakrtd
1Karen Vines00:29:06
2James Gates00:30:04
3Rob Askham00:31:46
4Horner Family00:33:00
5Irena Krasnuhina00:34:49
6Drew Vanbeck00:34:51
7D Phillips00:36:02
8Debbie Charlton00:36:41
9Holly Guest00:37:55
10David Easton00:38:13
11Dave Varty00:39:43
12Mark Salmon00:40:02
13Charles Taylor-Keane00:40:30
14Robert Easton00:42:07
15Ros James00:42:30
16Izzy + Matt00:42:40
17Matthew Pembery00:43:27
18Graham Pembery00:44:09
19Bob Austin00:44:51
20Alan Barclay-Devine00:47:15
21Tony Ryan00:47:40
22Keesh Kamatt00:48:35
23Alex Pembery00:51:48
24June + Chris Fox00:51:55
25=Tasha Kent00:52:48
27Caitlin Dunning00:53:36
28Ann Virco00:53:40
29Wendy Kent00:53:54
30Alec Maldar00:54:18
31Jack Dunning00:57:46
32Melissa, Richard + Bob the dog00:58:10
33Dave Matthews00:58:15
34Malc + Dawn00:59:41
35Bernard Potter + 101:15:00
37Oliver's Army02:04:04
1Ed Jones00:50:22
2Ian Buxton00:50:44
3Sue Jones00:59:58
4Mike Shires01:10:37
5Mark Glover01:13:35
6Martins Persidskis01:27:40
7Janet Pembery01:29:44