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If you enjoyed this event then why not come along to our next Keyne-O on Sunday 12th October at Howe Park Wood.

Organiser's Comments

A big thank you to Ric for planning today's courses and thanks to our brilliant helper team - Steve, Karen, Ed, Ann, Debbie, Helen, Will and Carys.

We'd like to apologise again for the incorrect control descriptions on the map. We hope you found the loose control descriptions were an adequate substitute. We've pinpointed the source of the problem and it shouldn't happen again.

Also, many thanks to everyone who gave up their maps for recycling today. If you'd like a replacement, email me ( and I will post one to you.

The last event in this year's Keyne-O series is on 12 October at Howe Park Wood. And don't forget our next Colour-Coded event at Holcote & Reynolds Wood on 16 November.

Ros James

Planner's Comments

Thanks to everyone who came to the event and for such positive comments about the courses and organisation; even those with cuts and bruises at the end seemed to wear them with pride. As there's no Willen Lake event this year, this seemed the ideal area for the longer courses to visit, with the Amble course starting off in the less-used but interesting area along the canal, before all courses finished within Campbell Park itself.

Many thanks to Ros and Steve for going well beyond the call of duty in putting the event together, and to all helpers on the day.

Ric Brackenbury

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PlaceNameClubAge ClassTime
3Team TLC31:06
4Milly AskhamSMOCW1033:53
5Cobb Family35:39
7The Bromleys39:53
8Reluctant Retfords41:50
9Kata CzirbeszSMOC42:56
11Russell Family44:44
12The Mischiefs51:00
14The Pyes54:02
15Thomas's Pears and Squares55:36
16Autumn Run58:00
17Jacob FisherSMOCM1058:37
19Timi CzirbeszSMOC1:46:59
20Benji RojasM51:55:23
ncRos JamesSMOCW5023:46
PlaceNameClubAge ClassTime
1Carys JamesSMOCW2128:10
2Keith DowningSMOCM6030:58
3Karen VinesSMOCW4532:29
4Dougie CochranTVOCM4533:24
5Gill HansonHHW4534:23
6Ryan F and dadM1434:34
7Pete PriestTVOCM5036:00
8Mark SalmonHHM4536:36
9Mark ThompsonTVOCM5537:50
10Eliza HermannHHW5038:13
11Rebecca NisbetSMOCW1439:30
12Helen NisbetSMOCW5040:01
14Debbie CharltonSMOCW5041:37
15Kristina CzirbeszSMOCW4041:51
16Dave MatthewsSMOCM5043:55
17Yvonne HodsonTVOCW6544:30
18David EastonSMOC44:37
19Charles Taylor-KeaneSMOCM5544:57
20Dora BognarSMOCW2046:36
21Endre CzirbeszSMOCM4050:30
22Ivo MarienfeldM1452:11
24Alec MaldarSMOCM5554:38
25Chloe Parkes55:16
26Wendy KentSMOCW5056:38
27June and Chris FoxSMOCW55/M6558:09
28Hoopless Hikers1:01:00
29Davies Family1:01:50
30Nayler Family1:02:18
31Adelheid Nuttall1:05:28
33Megan BarryW141:10:40
34Brody and friendsSMOC1:12:00
35Caitlin DunningWAOCW121:17:32
37Victoria Gilmour1:21:05
38David and Maria1:31:15
40Jack DunningWAOCM101:38:21
mpAnn HarrisSMOCW6039:24
PlaceNameClubAge ClassTime
1Ed JonesSMOCM4036:42
2James NisbetSMOCM1639:15
3Neville BakerTVOCM6039:38
4Stephen BorrillWAOCM4042:12
5Toby FisherSMOCM3543:23
6Haydn LeakerSMOCM5546:14
7Paul RushmerSMOCM5046:27
8Mike CapperWAOCM5546:40
9Sacha FisherSMOCW3547:07
10Marie-Anne FischerTVOCW5049:31
11Alex WetherillWAOCM1250:05
12Malcolm KidbyM4551:53
13Jon TylerM5054:22
14Peter RichesTVOCM6056:16
16Stuart GilmanM351:02:03
17Gwilym JamesSMOCM211:11:53
18Alison BarryW451:22:19