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If you enjoyed this event then why not come along to our next Keyne-O on Sunday 14th September at Campbell Park.

Organiser's and Planners Comments

From a planning point of view we had the newly mapped estates of Kents Hill, Monkston and Monkston Park to play with. This enabled us to plan a run that was largely urban in nature with plenty of route choice and to produce an interesting Trot course that took in the best of these estates and plenty of parkland too. From comments at the finish the courses where well received. We must apoligise to early runners on the Run course for the slightly misplaced control 6 - it was, at least, visible from the correct site!

The weather could have been a little better with the rain appearing on cue at 10:00, however, those who had a later run had very nice weather. And we did manage to both hang and collect the controls and put up and take down the tent in the dry which is always a bonus.

As organisers a big thank you to all those who helped on the day and made things run smoothly. We must also thank the Open University for letting us use their excellent facilities.

Steve and Karen

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1The Bromleys29.15
3Livia WrightCLOKW1432.48
4Milly AskhamSMOCW1033.23
5Team TLC39.00
8Cobb Family48.15
9Cherry and Jess48.30
10Shark Attack52.00
11Jewel Dog Space62.00
12Team Lion62.55
13The International Space StationSMOC64.50
14Timi CzirbeszSMOCW1270.00
16Lego Legs75.00
18The Lost Boys101.18
1Carys JamesSMOCW2131.00
2Paul HearnHHM5034.13
3Mark SalmonHHM4539.50
4Drew VanbeckSMOCM5039.38
5Mark ThompsonTVOCM5543.00
6Eliza HermannHHW5043.04
7Helen NisbetSMOCW5044.40
8David BognarSMOCM1845.09
9Rob Askham45.10
10Debbie CharltonSMOCW5045.55
11Dave VartySMOCM5046.20
12Rebecca NisbetSMOCW1447.13
13Kristina CzirbeszSMOCW4047.20
14=Barry BreedHHM6552.10
14=Ernie WilliamsLEIM7052.10
16Alec MaldarSMOCM5552.58
17Dave MatthewsSMOCM5055.02
18Wendy KentSMOCW5056.45
19Keith and Anne58.30
20Dougie CochranTVOCM4564.10
21The MK Parkes65.20
22Jane BreedHHW6067.25
23Tony RyanM5569.20
24Hoopless Hikers70.40
25Bernard PotterTVOC82.43
26June and Chris FoxSMOC88.00
28Kata CzirbeszSMOCW1093.20
m5David and Maria126.00
1Antonio FrancoSMOCM2137.35
2Mark AdamsHHM5042.55
3Neville BakerTVOCM6044.13
4Mikhail GryaznevichTVOCM6048.45
5Christopher WrightCLOKM5549.30
6Mike HamptonODM6551.09
7Liz PhillipsODW5051.55
8Haydn LeakerSMOC54.03
9Eric HeritageLEIM5554.22
10Mike CapperWAOCM5555.30
11Freya AskhamSMOCW4056.33
12Ian WellsRAFOM6057.55
13Marie-Anne FisherTVOCW5058.54
14Reima Eresmaa62.10
15Ian ByrneSMOCM5564.50
16Peter RichesTVOCM6067.14
17Mike ShiresTVOCM4069.30
18Adam ShallcrossM5071.48
m7Robert PriceM5579.00