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Organiser's Comments

A lovely sunny day, although perhaps surprisingly a steady but not large turn-out for the last event in the 2013 Keyne-O series. Well done to everyone who picked up certificates and medals for completing four and seven events respectively. And especially well done to Grace Edwards and Matthew Pembery, who were the only two to complete the set of all eight events in 2013.
Steve Hardy did a fine job as planner, managing to keep even the Run course within the relatively confined bounds of Campell Park. I hope that Trot and Run competitors coped with the added complication of the second map.
Steve, by the way, also deserves a note of recognition at this juncture; having created, masterminded and nurtured your Keyne-O events for the last seven years, Steve is now handing over the reins to Ros James for the 2014 season. I'm sure we will see him competing in and contributing to many more yet, but for the last seven years I'm sure that regular Keyne-O participants will want to echo a vote of thanks for making it all happen - a significant conbtribution to the "O" scene in and around MK.
Talking of the 2014 season, Keyne-O action starts up again in March. Keep an eye on the SMOC website for details. But if you can't wait that long, have a look at the "Events" pages, there is a lot more going on nearby, so you can keep your hand in over the winter months.

Richard Pownall

Planner's Comments

The glorious autumn weather brought out a good selection of local participants though our usual sprinkling of runners from neighbouring clubs was conspicuous by its absence. Everyone seemed to cope well with the double sided maps that enabled me to keep you in the interesting terrain of Campbell park. And for a city park Campbell Park does manage to provide a surprising variety of terrain, it's often hard to remember you are only a few minutes from the delights of Central Milton Keynes.
Thanks to Richard for his kind words about my time as Keyne-O coordinator. In the early days Karen Vines and myself planned and organised the majority of the events with the occasional guest planner. These days, while we still plan and organise occasionally, there is a good range of people, many who started (or rediscovered) orienteering through Keyne-O who can organise and plan these events so we can just turn up and run on occasion. I'll continue to be involved as an organiser, planner and mapper. Especial thanks are due to Karen who has helped run Keyne-O from the earliest events, including the arduous winter events we used to run, without whom Keyne-O would never have happened.

Steve Hardy

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1 Adam Marshall +1 20:39
2 Georgia Marshall 23:43
3 Toby & Ayla Fisher 24:01
4 Grace Edwards 24:16
5 Hannah Freeman +1 26:08
6 Tamar Hopkins 27:19
7 Team Rumsby 28:27
8 Sluggards 30:12
9 Conor Finan 30:13
10 Isaac Hopkins 30:54
11 Abbotts Family 33:41
12 Rebecca Nisbet 34:05
13 Kathryn Hearn 35:35
14 Rachel Morris 37:04
15 Team Friendship 38:26
16 P & J Bromley 40:33
17 Hackett Family 49:58
18 Kemp Clan 56:15
19 Jackie, Paul & Leslie 59:26
20 Team Nash 1:02:44
21 Hristov Family 1:13:01
1 James Nisbet 31:46
2 Marit Marsh Stromberg 35:11
3 Karen Vines 36:16
4 Mark Salmon 41:46
5 David Marsh 42:25
6 Matthew Pembery 44:00
7 Helen Nisbet 44:34
8 Alex Pembery 48:08
9 Ryan Farnes 48:26
10 Sacha & Jacob Fisher 49:03
11 Anna Ryan 50:53
12 Ann Harris 51:13
13 Dave Sedgley 54:37
14 David Easton 57:42
15 Ros James 1:01:54
16 Robert Easton 1:02:23
17 BDO Solo 1:04:41
18 Gary & Sue Marshall 1:07:38
19 Izzy & Emma 1:09:09
20 Felix & Graham Weedon 1:12:13
21 Hoopless Hikers 1:12:35
22 Martin Family 1:21:37
23 Slahuddeen 1:23:35
24 Alex Weedon 1:23:51
25 Maybin Family 1:36:50
26 Dave Matthews & Emma White 1:47:09
1 Ed Jones 41:05
2 Dorien James 42:30
3 Steve Morris 49:35
4 Eric Heritage 52:50
5 Malcom Kidby 54:36
6 Haydn Leaker 55:23
7 Paul Hearn 55:52
8 Ian Byrne 57:12
9 Ian McDonnell 58:17

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