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Organiser's Comments

An excellent day, despite some rather dubious weather forecasts, plus the slight worry of sharing the park with a large charity cycling event. The weather stayed bright and cheerful - at least until after course closing time - and the music and entertainment from Cancer Research UK's bike ride turned out to be a bit of a bonus.
I received some very good feedback on Ian's courses, and most people seemed to enjoy the challenges he set.
So, a big thank you to Ian and to today's helper team - Haydn, Ed, Izzy, Emily, Karen, Steve, Will and Carys.

Ros James

Planner's Comments

Furzton and the Teardrop Lakes offer two attractive areas, linked through the corner of the Bowl area, limiting runs likely to be used by juniors to one area or the other; only the Run can gain full advantage of the area. I decided to maximise the run through the Teardrop Lakes, and this had the added benefit of not taking it round Furzton Lake itself.
Tighter rules on road crossings for the Trot and Amble posed something of a challenge, but I hope I satisfied most without dumbing down. The figure of eight at the far corner of Furzton on the Trot channelled runners onto the safe crossing point in both directions; and if anyone was tempted to cheat they would have to have crossed twice illegally. The Amble, as always at Furzton, was a little easier, and I hope that by routing them round the main lake in the opposite direction to the Trot (and Run), it allowed people to enjoy the lakeside paths at different speeds. Going anti-clockwise had the added benefit of passing through the cycle event start area as early as possible, so that most Amblers would be well clear by their official start time. An unexpected bonus for Trotters was the opportunity to stop and buy a bacon butty on the main route!
The cyclists seemed to cause us few problems on the day; I wish the same could be said of the person who relocated control 10 on the Amble into a tree, high above the stream, and out of reach to many juniors. We located it back on its correct feature as soon as we could, but know that several people had difficulty; thank you also to the team who helped me recover it as it was too high up for even an adult to recover on his own. But it's the planner who must apologise for the very slight misplacing of the final control on the Run; I must have been holding my map upside down by the time I got there and placed it in the pit on the wrong side of the path. Luckily it was easily seen, and as it was still within the control circle, we decided not to move it across the path so that every Runner was treated equally.
Finally I would like to thank Ros, as Organiser, who seemed to have to do more before the event than often (and ensured that the cyclists knew all about us), to Steve for making some last minute map updates to reflect spreading thickets and lost paths in the Southern part of the trot, to Dorien for helping me put out some of the controls in what turned out to an unusually widely spread event, and to all the helpers on the day.

Ian Byrne

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1 Fiona Muncaster24:13
2 Lewis Muncaster25:43
3 Izzy and Emily26:43
4 Pears Family28:55
5 Rebecca Nisbet30:17
6 Liberty Allstars34:07
7 Sluggards34:09
8 HI35:51
9 Team Rumsby37:40
10 Dominic Lee42:06
11 Grace Edwards43:06
12 Conor Finan47:48
13 Bromley50:12
14 Michael Wickersham53:27
15 Tigers58:24
16 Arbon1:00:50
17 Melissa Alex Smith1:01:14
18 Richard Askham1:04:02
19 Daniel Mace1:14:00
20 Milly Askham1:15:15
21 Team Nash1:19:00
22 Heistov Family1:38:07
MP GunnN/A
1 James Nisbet34:23
2 Stephen Lee38:04
3 Freya Askham38:42
4 Mark Salmon38:54
5 Fisher Boys39:06
6 Dave + Miriam42:52
7 Pete Priest43:07
8 Helen Nisbet43:20
9 Barry Breed45:48
10 Mark Thompson46:00
11 Ryan Farnes46:15
12 David Phillips46:24
13 Bethany Wickersham47:16
14 Georgie Marshall47:32
15 Rob Askham47:46
16 Alex Pembery50:32
17 Tony Wadeson51:54
18 Debbie Charlton52:51
19 Fisher Girls53:34
20 David Easton56:30
21 Will James56:43
22 BDO Solo1:00:54
23 Robert Easton1:01:02
24 Adrian Stainthorp1:01:24
25 Matthew Pembery1:03:01
26 Jane Breed1:07:55
27 Team 'They Must Be Lost'1:08:59
28 Slahuddeen1:09:05
29 June & Chris Fox1:11:07
30 Ozi & Pom1:16:00
31 Hoopless Hikers1:16:10
32 Martin Family1:18:17
33 Kelly Ward1:18:35
34 Dave Matthews + Emma White1:32:05
35 Caitlin & Jack Dunning1:39:22
36 David + Maria Buckley1:39:53
R Team LukeRetired
R Dave VartyRetired
1 Ed Jones49:24
2 Ric Brackenbury49:58
3 Steve Morris54:18
4 Steve Hardy58:41
5 Haydn Leaker1:02:34
6 Karen Vines1:06:24
7 Peter Riches1:08:43

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