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Planner's Comments

Willen Lake in June was always going to lead to runners' courses. There were some controls further away from paths in the early drafts, but as the bushes grew they had to be removed one by one, with only one such control making it into the Run course which was a much tougher fight than planned for the first competitors. And in the few areas where I wanted the hedges to thicken, you could still short-cut straight between the controls in the Cathedral of Trees instead of facing an interesting route choice, and most of the vegetation boundary was deforested shortly before the event. Can't win!

So I'm grateful for so many positive comments by competitors who enjoyed their runs. The main control queried was the ruined stone wall (8 on Trot, 16 on Run.) The control was exactly where mapped and the description indicated it was to the south of the wall, but as it was on the tree next to the wall it was only seen when turning round at the wall corner if you came in the expected way. It could have been placed more obviously, but would have been a less interesting control as you'd have seen it well before the feature, so I hope it didn't spoil anyone's run where it was. Thanks to Steve with assistance finalising the courses and to Freya and Dorien for helping to collect controls after the event.

Ric Brackenbury

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Amble 3.2k
1Lewis Muncaster22:21
2Team Rumsby27:48
3Team Nesb +128:15
4Robert Easton30:18
5Hannah Freeman30:38
6Pears Family30:40
7Team GB31:21
8Tamar Hopkins32:26
9Diana Hailey36:00
10Isaac Hopkins38:09
11Alec Maldar39:08
12Alexander McCarthy39:09
13Liberty All Stars41:40
14Tasha Kent43:21
16Richard Askham44:00
17Abbot Amblers44:20
18Grace Edwards45:29
19Conor Finan45:35
20Wendy Kent45:40
21Sunshine Stocktons48:27
23Nick and Tracey51:50
24Kathleen Begen51:55
25Amy and Jon54:41
26Paul Carr54:50
27Cheryl Liddiard55:50
28Nataliya Aleksieva + 566:40
29Milly Askham68:35
31Team Nash84:00
Trot 5.3k
1James Nisbet32:54
2Keith Downing36:24
 Liz Phillips39:48 (missed no. 16)
3Ian McDonnell41:11
4Ian Byrne41:50
5Matthew Pembery42:28
6Deb and Jim Badgery42:48
7Rebecca Nisbet43:46
8Helen Nisbet44:03
9Ann Harris46:13
10The Marshalls46:40
11Dave Varty46:59
12Mark Salmon49:02
13Max Hornshaw49:13
14Roger Hailey50:25
15Team Ryan51:22
16David Easton51:26
17Luke and Arron52:05
18Emma and Izzy52:44
19Adrian Stainthorp52:56
20Tony Biggs53:35
 Gideon Felton58:36 (wrong no. 1)
21Ros James60:02
22Hoopless Hikers65:26
23Viv Hodson65:30
24Richard Meredith68:31
25BDO Solo69:25
26June Fox73:57
28All Stars79:55
30Dave Matthews and Emma White88:10
 Nicole Dunn98:33 (wrong no. 1)
31David and Maria Buckley150:37
n/cSteve Hardy32:53
Run 7.0k
1Richard Pownall41:01
2Ed Jones42:15
3Dorien James42:18
4Mike Capper49:18
5Daniel Hodson50:01
6David Hodson51:23
7Graham Pembery57:04
8Glyn Dimmock57:51
9Mike Shires62:00
10Catriona Buchanan69:25
11Eric Cooper83:35
12Ryan Cooper87:32