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If you enjoyed this event then why not come along to our next event on June 9th at Willen Lake. Details will be on our events page soon.

Organisers Comments

Well the rain kept away and the sun shone and I believe a good time was had by one and all. Particular memories are the smiling faces of a few family groups trying it out for the first time. The undergrowth spurt in the last week made a few controls not so easy to see and one lady did try to clear away the "rubbish" until she was asked by someone "are you looking for something?" A few controls were perhaps a little more challenging than normal but that's not necessarily such a bad thing. My personal thanks to all the helpers who kept up the smiles throughout and obviously to Antonio for his work in planning, setting out and collecting all the controls and he performed an excellent job as the Starter. Any errors in the published times are mine.

Haydn Leaker

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Amble 2.8k
1Muncaster Family26.11
2Lewis Muncaster26.40
3Pears Family27.38
4Isaac Hopkins36.58
5Rebecca Nisbet38.38
6Tamar Hopkins38.49
7Izzy Jones38.54
8Robert and James Bull43.50
9Team Rusby44.27
10Team Nesb44.40
11Grace Edwards46.13
12Conor Finan46.40
13Kelly Ward47.01
14Intergalactic Idiots49.45
15C.J. Raine51.44
17William Fitzpatrick58.38
18Angeliki Koupa60.12
19Namya Meegahawatte70.35
20David and Maria Buckley74.30
21Sofia Mee76.35
22Kathleen Anne Begen76.41
24Hristove Family91.01
25Milly Askham97.15
Trot 5.2k
1Freya Askham33.09
2James Nisbet34.02
3Carys James37.00
4Matthew Pembery38.50
6Ian Byrne40.25
7Helen Nisbet41.26
8Barry Breed44.18
9Robert Easton44.25
10Gary Farnes45.08
11Mark Salmon45.47
13David Easton45.58
14Debbie Charlton46.30
15Yvonne Hodson46.30
16Adrian Stainthorp48.23
17Alex Pembery48.36
18Ann Harris49.55
19Jean Sinclair51.00
20Anne Power54.42
21Richard Meredith55.56
22The Wings57.08
23Ros James58.28
24BDO Solo58.35
25Hoopless Hikers62.34
26Jane Breed63.28
27Grainge Greats63.34
28June Fox65.15
29Hazel Wedderburn70.43
30Jennifer Taylor72.18
32Daniel Etheridge96.45
Run 7.3k
1Richard Pownall54.30
2Andrew Welsh71.15
3Ed Jones72.30
4Ian Wells75.58
5Glyn Dimmock82.26
6Don Nisbet92.01
7Ian McDonnell93.40
8Dave Sedgley114.20
9Mark and Peter131.00