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If you enjoyed this event then why not come along to our next event on May 12th at Linford Wood. Details will be on our events page soon.

Organisers Comments

The weather provided a pleasant change after last month's challenging event - finally it's starting to feel like spring. A big thank you to The Open University for letting us use their facilities and run through their grounds. An excellent turnout with plenty of familiar faces and some new ones too. I heard nothing but praise for Freya's courses, any minor glitches with the map are down to me. Finally thanks to the team of SMOC helpers who enable the event to run so smoothly that I even managed a run myself.

Steve Hardy

Planners Comments

I really enjoyed planning this Keyne-O and what a contrast in weather conditions to last month's event! I don't think I could have hoped for better weather than we had today (apart from the wind blowing everything around!). It was great to be able to make use of some of the Open University grounds for the first time. It gave us lots of new interest for the courses and even a re-entrant to use as a control site! For the longer courses, this area offers lots of scope for route choice with the bridges across the river, field boundaries and the quiet residential area of Woughton on the Green. I hope you all enjoyed making those choices and catching up on those who didn't make such good choices as you! The boardwalk through Walton Lake added interest to the courses and the new area of paths between thickets just behind the lake seemed to catch a few people out. Finally, thank you to Steve for more planning mentoring and to Richard for helping me to collect in the controls.

Freya Askham

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Club Nights

SMOC is now running weekly club nights, these are an ideal opportunity to learn new orienteering skills, improve your current skills, have fun and meet club members. See Club Nights for details.

Amble 2.8k
1Lewis Muncaster19.26
2Team Fiona23.24
3Izzy Jones29.00
4Team NC3B32.04
5Conor Finian35.45
6Chanalaris Family39.05
7The Wings39.56
8Emily Lack41.38
9The Foodies44.25
10Grace Edwards46.12
11Chez Vegas46.50
12Team Rumsby47.25
13Jacob and Ayla Fisher49.02
15Milly Askham54.42
16Evelyn and Craig54.48
17Dylan and Carrick Sharpe57.21
18MK Kids with Diabetes60.12
19Hriston Family62.58
20Sofia Nee65.04
23Jane Hefferson89.40
Trot 5.2k
1Toby Fisher34.54
2Sacha Fisher37.57
3Thomas Howell40.28
4Carys James41.30
5Kevin Hopkins44.05
6Matthew Pembery44.28
7Elliot Lack45.53
8Helen Nisbet47.56
9Barry Breed54.00
10Yvonne Hodson55.50
11Pete Priest56.02
12Adrian Stainthorp56.30
13David Easton60.35
14Rebecca Nisbet63.24
15Alex Pembery64.15
16Ros James68.46
17Jane Breed71.24
18=Robert Easton72.02
18=Walker Family72.02
20Malc and Dawn Howard73.24
21June Foix76.46
22Hoopless Hikers78.02
23BDO Solo82.03
24Dave Matthews and Emma White90.48
25Kelly, Megan and Evie91.37
27Shirley Roach124.00
n/cSteve Hardy37.15
Liberty All StarsFound 9
HIFound 9
Run 7.6k
1Richard Pownall53.36
2Ed Jones55.02
3Ric Brackenbury55.29
4Mark Howell58.24
5Darren and Tracey58.50
6Mike Capper59.40
7Neil Brooks60.32
8Ian Byrne67.22
9Karen Vines67.34
10Rachel Edwards70.07
11E. Hermitage74.10
12Robert Price74.58
13Don Nisbet76.27
14Glyn Dimmock77.57
15Philip Gristwood78.59
16Mike Shires80.10
17Peter Riches83.50
18Jo Allin and Ian Flint88.38