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If you enjoyed this event then why not come along to our next event on April 14th at the Open University and Ouzel Valley. Details will be on our events page soon.

Organisers Comments

Thanks to everyone who turned up to make the efforts of the SMOC team worthwhile. Despite the conditions most people seemed to enjoy their soggy outing. I heard lots of positive comments on Roberts courses and looking at the results the times look spot on. Particulary impressive is no one on Amble taking more than an hour.

Unlikely as it may seem we had some of the best of the weather during the event both before and after we had heavy sleet to make the tasks of putting out and collecting controls even more 'fun'.

Finally, I've done my best to interpret times and names from, in some cases still soggy, registration forms and control cards. Please do get in touch if any details are wrong and I'll put them right.

Steve Hardy

Planners Comments

What weather and conditions!

It has been wet underfoot when I have been out planning but nothing like as wet as on the day. And then the rain and snow came to top it off.

I am beginning to wonder if the bad weather goes with me when I plan. The other event I planned was Holcot and Reynold Wood last year which has gone down in Club annals as the worst weather Level C and now I have the worst weather Keyne-O.

For all that I was glad to see a number of hardy competitors and that we did not have to disappoint them because Emerson Valley had flooded.

This was the first time I had planned with pin punches and it really made me appreciate the benefits to the planner of electronic punching. The fact that the dibber records the sequence of visiting the controls as well as just that they have been visited removes the possibility of shortening the distance run by taking the controls out of sequence.

On this area I saw my challenge as setting sufficient route choice and keeping the routes and variety interesting, in part having a good mix of woodland, urban and parkland on Trot and Run. This led to star shaped courses with a number of potential 'shortcuts' which would be unacceptable with pin punches on higher level courses. I hope we were justified in relying on your honesty and integrity.

I also hope that you found the courses sufficiently challenging and enjoyable in spite of the weather.

Thanks to those who gave me kind comments and to Karen, Freya and Dorien for helping collect the controls, saving me a second long cold wet tour.

Robert Dove

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Amble 2.2k
1Izzy Jones20.30
2Ian Byrne21.19
4Grace Edwards25.20
5Arnold Juniors30.50
6Milly Askham35.40
7Conor Finan37.15
8Arnold Seniors38.10
9Sue Marshall and Megan Jarman41.32
11Richard Askham52.23
Trot 4.9k
1Kevin Hopkins43.53
2Mark Salmon46.40
3Mike Shires46.55
4Matthew Pembery51.28
6Emily Pineda56.03
7Alex Pembery56.09
8Gary Marshall and ? Jarman56.26
9Yvonne Hodson57.04
10Brent Bunch58.40
11BDO Solo63.52
12Carol MacDonald64.34
13Stephen and Sarah Marsh71.10
14Alex Matthews74.31
15Black Dragon76.33
16Lois Matthews78.30
17Adrian Stainthorp79.06
18Bernard Potter89.30
19Dave Matthews and Emma White104.30
-Jean Sampson and John BerryRetired
Run 7.3k
1Antonio Franco49.28
2Dorien James54.50
3Ed Jones56.10
4Mike Jones61.00
5Mike Hampton61.40
6Ric Brackenbury64.30
7Freya Askham65.30
8Glyn Dimmock70.04
9Peter Riches80.08