Planners Comments

After all the rain we've had recently I couldn't believe my luck when it was set fair for Sunday! This was my first planning effort and I really enjoyed it. I spent time in the wood and the Emerson Valley getting to know it on bike, running and out walking my dog so I'm really glad the work seems to have paid off and the courses were a success. It was great to see so many groups at the event too, some of whom were having a go for the first time, and even a birthday party group! We really hope you enjoyed it and that you will come back again. Thank you to Steve who got me started with the planning, checked I was on the right lines, perfected the maps and trusted me to put the controls in the right place! I look forward to having another go next year.

Freya Askham

Next event

If you enjoyed this event then why not come along to our next event on June 10th at Caldecotte Lake. Details will be on our events page soon.

Joining SMOC

If you are new to orienteering it is free to join SMOC for the first year. Download a membership form here.

Club Nights

SMOC is now running weekly club nights, these are an ideal opportunity to learn new orienteering skills, improve your current skills, have fun and meet club members. See Club Nights for details.

Amble 2.70
1Elliot Lack17.05
2Pete Priest18.07
3Izzy and Emma21.51
4Lewis and Deb Badgery22.52
5Arran Billing22.59
6Muncaster minus Sue23.14
7Dan and Matthew23.31
8Rebecca Nisbet25.13
9Judi Cumberland26.50
10John, Jack and Claire Walker28.30
12The Great Macks29.39
13The Stocktons31.40
14Conor Finan33.55
15Our Red House Team37.05
16Emily Lack38.15
17Shirley Roach38.17
18Luke Hallett39.08
19Wendy Williams40.00
20Richard Askham40.12
21Milly Askham40.25
22Holly Bishop40.45
23Miss Jade Odell41.02
24Stephanie Wedderburn42.35
25William Fitzpatrick42.50
28Ellis Stokes50.45
29Rosie and Co.51.17
30Read Family53.06
31Bethany Cook54.57
32Rachael Walker55.24
33MK Kids with Diabetes55.36
34Jonny and Cameron56.00
37The Foodies61.19
39Cody Stott64.20
40Jacob Fisher67.53
41Hannah Woolsey68.00
42Alanah Woolsey68.00
43Willow Woolsey68.00
44Oliver Woolsey68.00
Trot 5.20
1Sacha Fisher35.15
2Wendy Billing37.12
3James Nisbet39.02
4Mark Salmon40.02
5Ian Byrne41.20
6Francois Swiegers43.16
7Chantal Helm45.00
8Matthew Ben48.32
9Yanhua Tu49.43
10David Easton52.59
11The Brent Bunch53.03
12Sofia Villers58.33
13Alexander Argent60.40
14Team Ansell + Jo60.51
15Steve Brown61.20
16Lois Matthews62.20
17Simply Forward Two62.35
18Alex Matthews63.45
19Walker Family70.22
20Simply Forward One70.51
21Alec Maldar71.54
22Aaron, Tracy, Nick and Luke75.22
23Hoopless Hikers75.25
24Wendy Kent76.26
25Tasha Kent77.49
26BDO Elite Squad80.50
28Mark McKenzie87.00
29Freddie Dwight96.54
30Tanner Stott98.10
31Debbie Bennett101.39
32Dave Matthews and Emma White103.40
33Swynnerton Family115.48
34Daniel Etheridge130.38
35Team Luke132.50
35=The Norgaard Family132.50
37Jenny Hallett146.40
Colin HumphreysRetired
Run 7.50
1Ric Brackenbury44.31
2Mike Capper52.41
3Glyn Dimmock65.56
4Ben Marchant66.30
5Mike Shires69.03
6Charles Taylor-Keane84.46
7Andrew Stott89.49
Antonio Franco49.46 - Lost Card
Toby FisherRetired