Some glorious weather certainly brought out the crowds who where treated to Shenley Wood at it's best. It was our best attended first event of the season. There where some very fast times on both Amble and Trot and I was pleased to discover I'd given the run competitors something to think about - and a few scratches for those who risked shorts!

We have a rather nice baseplate compass that was left in the registration tent. If the owner would like to describe it they are welcome to have it back.

Steve Hardy

Next event

If you enjoyed this event then why not come along to our next event on April 1st at Linford Wood. Details will be on our events page soon.

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Amble 3.00
1Izzy Jones18.21
2Elliot Lack19.12
3Daniel and Phil Richardson22.21
4Diana Halley22.22
5Pete Priest22.23
7Wilcox Family25.31
9Conor Finan26.48
10Helen and Cameron28.43
11Arran and Nick29.12
12Woolsey Family30.02
13Adam, Sue and Dave32.00
14Grace Edwards32.07
15Dawn and Malcolm Howard33.13
16Anna McElligott33.32
17Roger Hailey33.47
18Milly Askham35.08
19Muncaster Girls35.33
20Emily Lack37.52
21Luke Hallett38.06
22Nigel Tuohy38.56
23Freddie Dwight and family39.01
25Richard Askham40.35
26Jane Ranger41.17
27Extended Sinfield Family43.20
28Briony Webb43.35
29Joe Fielding44.22
30Read Family47.17
31Dinah McCarthy70.15
32Elizabeth and Andrew Sheldon73.20
33Appleton Family84.20
Trot 5.00
1Ed Jones22.54
2Craig Hart30.54
3Danny Hearn36.18
4Team Macs36.22
5Francois Swiegers37.55
6Jame Nisbet38.11
7Ian Byrne38.32
8Matthew Pembery38.40
9Helen Nisbet39.26
10Muncaster Boys41.23
11Alex Pembery41.53
12Chantal Helm41.55
13Paul Munn42.48
14Mark Salmon43.44
15Ann Harris44.22
16Charles Taylor-Keane45.24
17Ros James46.14
18Sue and Georgia Marshall50.43
19Rebecca Nisbet52.42
20Lois Matthews53.55
21Don Nisbet54.46
22Lanes + 255.13
23Aleaxander Argent58.00
24Alex Matthews58.29
25Tanner Stott59.00
26Steve Brown and Shirley Whiterod60.34
27Team Ansell61.28
28Becky and Alex63.59
29Hopeless Hikers69.40
30BDO Elite Squad73.55
31Jean and Emily Sampson75.47
32Team Yates78.26
33Dave Matthew and Emma White80.40
34Team Luke82.39
35Matthew and Jonny83.05
36Cody Stott89.05
37David and Maria Buckley96.11
38The Mazas98.36
39Team Loujas118.10
Run 7.20
1Richard Pownall39.46
2Ric Brackenbury41.44
3Paul Hearn46.05
4Mike Jones46.42
5Paul Rushmer47.26
6Ian Wells49.47
7Rachel Edwards52.11
8Freya Askham52.55
9Gary Marshall53.37
10Malcolm Kidby54.11
11Mike Shires57.56
12Adam Joesbury66.17
13John Nottingham71.20
14Ben Marchant78.00