Reynold & Holcot Wood

5th October 2008


Yvette Baker Qualifier Results ** UPDATED **

A careful reading of the guidelines states that all eligible juniors from participating clubs score points, but only a complete team of at least nine starters counts in deciding the number of qualifying clubs.
OD qualify and by reason of being in top 5 in the 2007 final and as a result, the second placed club WAOC also qualify for the final.
Congratulations to OD & WAOC and good luck to them in the finals.
Any queries contact Neil Carter

Lost Property

One pair fairly new Walsh running shoes, medium size. Contact Neil Carter.

Controller's Report

Well done to SMOC for overcoming a number of potential problems (not least the weather!) to provide a challenging days orienteering. You will probably have noticed that the usual car park is now closed - notice for this was fairly short, but fortunately using the road and the very helpful cleared area in the woods meant that everyone manged to find a space without getting stuck in the mud.
I hope you enjoyed Keith's courses - they needed very little input from me, and we both benefitted from having Robert Dove available to do any last minute tweaking to the map as needed. The area has some constraints but I hope you didn't really notice these - the hedges are very thick so courses had to be planned to avoid route choices through them, and some of the area suffers from dense nettles and brambles which we tried to avoid. Fortunately, the potentially agressive heifers were not in the large, steep field as we had at one time feared - it might have added another rather unwanted dimension to route choice!
There seem to have been one or two mispunches due to speed of punching rather than SI-box fault. It is important for younger orienteers to remember that it is the competitor's responsibility to ensure that punches have registered - a milli-second saved when punching may cost a lot later on.
My thanks on behalf of you to all of the helpers who made the day possible - it wasn't the best day to be standing around for ages, but without this help events such as this could not take place.
Finally, good luck to the successful YBT teams - I hope you enjoy your day out at Sandringham.
Mike Capper (WAOC)