The last Keyne-O of 2012 ran smoothly thanks to the enthusiastic team of helpers. I'm grateful to Martina, Ian, Ed, Izzy, Freya, the Fisher family, Steve and Karen, and to Richard for planning interesting and well-received courses. Thanks also to the Trot runners who allowed their maps to be recycled when we ran short - please email with your address if you would like a copy of the map sent to you. Finally if you've enjoyed the Keyne-O events this year, how about an early New Year's resolution to help out at one of next year's events? It's a great way to get to know other orienteers and a fun way to give something back - all offers gratefully received

Ric Brackenbury

Next event

If you enjoyed this event then why not come along to our next park event on March 17th 2012 at Howe Park Wood. Details will be on our events page.

If you are new to orienteering it is free to join SMOC as a Local member for the first year. Download a membership form here.

Amble 3.00
2Izzy Jones23.20
3Muncaster Boys & Girls27.17
4Rebecca Nisbet30.00
5J Aeschlimann30.40
6Team NESB31.15
7Alec Maldar31.22
8Tim McElligott32.28
9Arron, Tracey, Luke & Nick34.58
10Eric & Adam Cooper35.05
11Richard Askham35.25
12Milly Askham36.25
13Conor Finan38.02
14Tasha Kent39.52
15James Stockwell43.15
16Wendy Kent45.19
17Mary Adamson45.35
18Melissa Stott48.00
19E & V Love48.26
20Kitty & Grace49.08
21Team Mecks49.28
22Freddie Dwight52.52
23Emily Lack53.45
25Luke Hallett55.42
26Cody Stott56.17
27Janey McDonald57.05
28Hackett family57.50
29Amy & Victoria58.40
30Jacob & Ayla Fisher59.44
32Blackwell & Swannell70.50
33Alistair Brookes80.12
34=Bond Returners85.02
Trot 5.20
1Ian Byrne43.09
2=Karen Vines43.35
2=James Nisbet43.35
4Brent Bunch48.27
5Gary Marshall48.58
6Elliot Lack49.00
7Helen Nisbet49.08
8Mark Salmon49.35
9Dave Varty52.01
10Drew Vanbeck52.30
11The Ryans52.43
12Yvonne Hodson52.45
13David Easton54.00
14Alex Pembery55.40
15Matthew Pembery61.38
17Steve Brown63.56
18Jane Breed68.19
19Chris Watton68.20
20Team Ansell69.27
21Robert Easton71.43
22Lois Matthews72.24
23Jodie and Jim72.43
24Tanner Stott73.10
25Andrew Stott73.36
26Alison Stockwell73.48
27Alex Matthews77.12
28Hoopless Hikers78.16
29Bernard Potter81.44
30Mark Thompson82.14
31Felix Weedon89.44
32Caitlin & Jack Dunning91.30
34Alexis Weedon94.50
35Maria & David Buckley105.43
36The Noorgaard Family139.30
37Dave Matthews & Emma White145.05
John AdamsonRetired
Run 7.40k
1Ed Jones66.48
2Daren & Tracey Haseldine70.35
3Steve Hardy72.09
4Mike Capper72.21
5Sacha Fisher73.57
6Paul Rushmer78.21
7Ian Wells82.46
8Ian McDonnell90.23
9Peter Riches92.34
10Mike Shires97.40
11DLRRs Trusty 2113.12
12Barry Breed116.42
Brendan McElligottPart 1 only - 63.48