Organiser's Comments

The good weather certainly brought out the crowds with the usual range of experienced orienteers, Keyne-O regulars and some new faces. The sudden arrival of hordes of bicycles was as much of a suprise to us as to you - we'll try and avoid a similiar clash in future. Thanks are due to the OU for letting us use their ample parking facilities. Hopefully be back at the OU in the spring of 2013 when we should actually be using at least some of the campus for orienteering.

Steve Hardy

Planner's Comments

A number of people commented how nice it was to find an area in Milton Keynes that has relatively few roads and a variety of semi-natural vegetation, not just formal planting. The wet summer meant that some of the bushes seem to have spread, and this may have been responsible for one of the Run controls (unlucky 13 - TV) being on the edge of the control circle - I am sorry if this delayed anyone. As a first time planner, I also managed to fail to set out one of the controls near the start of the amble, but luckily only a couple of starters arrived at the control site (number 2 - TE) before this was rectified; again my apologies to anyone who wasted any time looking for it. On a more positive note, the Trotters managed to find the controls in the depressions in Woughton on the Green; careful map reading will have helped here. And the large quantities of fresh cowpats near the penultimate Trot control only proved that Milton Keynes is not a wholly urban jungle. My attempt to confuse people by placing this control on a stile and then seeing if anyone would cross it without checking the map failed; everyone I spoke to realised it was not necessary and that the Trot course stayed North of the crossing, while the Run stayed South.

Thanks to all the helpers on the day, especially Ian and Freya who relieved me of the need to collect the Southern controls at the end of the event, and to Steve for his encouragement when faced with my first time as a planner!

Ian Byrne

Next event

If you enjoyed this event then why not come along to our next event on October 7th at Loughton Valley. Details will be on our events page soon.

If you are new to orienteering it is free to join SMOC as a Local member for the first year. Download a membership form here.

Amble 3.00
1Don Nisbet22.14
2Muncaster Bs and Gs26.20
3Izzy Jones29.13
5The Wobbly Tooth Team33.00
6Luke Wing33.02
7Nick and Arron Wing33.10
8The Ducks33.59
9Team Macks 235.39
10Conor Finan36.00
11Milly Askham36.48
12Alex Fielding39.40
13Stephanie Wedderburn42.20
15Richard Askham45.10
16Nicole and Chris47.20
17Grace Edwards47.55
18Timothy McElligott49.00
19The Foodies49.23
20Team NESB50.14
21Paul and Gill Twigg51.45
22Fisher Family59.48
23Melissa Stott60.30
24Freddie Dwight63.10
25Joseph Fielding63.14
26Emily Lack64.04
27Luke Hallett67.30
28Hackett Clan69.38
29Appleton Family74.36
30Cody StottRetired
Trot 5.10
1James Nisbet36.21
2Jason Dunning37.50
3Drew Vanbeck38.31
4Mark Salmon39.05
5Gillian Hanson39.17
6Mark Thompson39.35
7Carys James39.50
8Elliott Lack40.12
9Francis Swiegers42.19
10Matthew Pembrey43.28
11Pete Jones43.30
12David Easton43.32
13Helen Nisbet43.40
14Alex Pembery44.12
15Mark Glover45.15
16Graham Matthews46.38
17Ros James46.47
18Dave Varty48.58
19Alex Matthews51.31
20David Sedgley52.22
21Rebecca Nisbet53.51
22Barbara Page54.49
23Steve Brown56.06
24Lois Matthews61.10
24=Katie and Eloise61.10
26Team Ansell62.36
27Hoopless Hikers70.15
28Walker Family70.50
29Robert Easton80.23
30Adrian Stainthorp81.23
31Dave Matthews and Emma White83.42
32Jennifer Johnston97.30
33Tanner StottRetired
Run 7.60
1Kevin Fielding42.15
2Ed Jones50.36
3Ric Brackenbury50.38
4Robin Smith52.39
5Beth Hanson53.10
6Sam Fielding53.18
7Toby Fisher54.15
8Tim Must55.58
9Oliver Tomlinson56.47
10Mike Capper60.30
11Sacha Fisher61.58
12Ian McDonnell67.25
13Freya Askham68.18
14Pete Riches75.17
15Haydn Leaker76.46
16Mike Shires78.41
17David Lloyd's 3 Musketeers106.51