Great Linford presents a very different challenge to most of the parkland areas we run Keyne-O events in. Instead of the great outdoors there's a maze of tarmac paths and streets with a canal in the middle, and smaller green areas in between. I was also conscious of avoiding the half-marathon route which used some of the largest paths. This meant all the courses had a much more urban feel than usual, similar to a city / sprint event, and many of the competitors said they enjoyed the different style of course. Precise navigation and alertness were needed around the estate, and several competitors had trouble with control CV (path bend) in particular. It was there, actually in the estate, but as there was some ambiguity about where it might have been no one has been disqualified for missing it. It was also clear from the times and the finishers that the courses were on the long side. Although the crow-flies distance was similar to other events, the distance by foot was further with many estate obstacles such as the canal to navigate around between controls. I hope that once they gathered their breath, competitors felt they were getting good value from their run rather than going further than was enjoyable. Finally, apologies to the earlier competitors on the Amble course who found that control 7 (TE) was missing; I hope this didn't spoil your enjoyment

Ric Brackenbury (planner)

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Amble 3.00
1Izzy Jones31.10
2Rebecca Nisbet31.29
3Don Nisbet31.58
4Milly Askham33.27
5Lewis Toon34.00
6Conor Finan34.47
7Arron, Tracy, Luke and Nick35.00
8Anna McElligott37.11
9Freddie Dwight42.01
10Sunshine Stocktons42.34
11Luke Hallett43.03
12Eric and Val Love43.22
13Richard Askham45.53
14Melissa Stott52.01
16Stephanie Wedderburn54.15
17The Baldwins54.37
18Fisher Family63.09
19Appleton Family64.58
20Brent Bunch68.00
21Cody Stott85.00
Trot 5.50
1Ian Byrne54.00
2Ian McDonnell54.12
3Carys James59.43
4Drew Vanbeck62.05
5Helen Nisbet62.35
6James Nisbet63.10
7David Easton64.15
8Matthew Pembrey67.05
9Briony and Craig69.02
10Ros James75.05
11Alex Pembrey76.11
12Elliot Lack79.11
13Team Macks82.30
15Claire Bundett94.50
16Alexander Argent95.08
17Steve Brown97.27
18Hoopless Hikers100.18
19Tanner Stott102.54
20Michael McDonnell104.30
21Team Ansell105.42
22Robert Easton106.03
23Adam Stainthorp106.57
24Vikas and Nimish108.55
25Emily Lack112.53
26Alex Maldar118.00
27Dave Matthews and Emily White127.00
28Wendy Kent129.00
29Karen Tincknell162.31
Tony EdwardsRetired
Swynnerton FamilyRetired
Will JamesRetired
Our Red House TeamNo Card.
Run 7.90
1Helen Gardner55.13
2Ed Jones62.31
3Steve Hardy64.57
4Oliver Tomlinson71.52
5Sacha Fisher72.55
6Freya Askham75.02
7Mike Shires83.46
8Keith Verrals84.46
10Karen Vines90.25
11Charles Taylor-Keane99.11