Despite a rather grey day we again had an good turn out. The low number of controls on the longer courses suprised some people but I think they discovered that few controls doesn't equal easy courses. Thanks to Richard for creating some interesting courses.

Steve Hardy

Next event

If you enjoyed this event then why not come along to our next event on November 13th at Willen North. Details will be on our events page soon.

Club Nights

SMOC will be organising weekly Club Nights starting in February 2012. More details will appear on our website in the near future. Come along and have fun.

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Amble 3.10
1James Nisbet22.52
2Aspley Guise Scouts C24.00
3Jessica, Lewis and Deb Badgery25.55
4Alfie Bullus28.05
5Emily Faircloth33.00
6Rebecca Nisbet34.37
7Paul Munn34.45
8Don Nisbet35.00
9Emma and Lizzy35.33
10Holly Night36.40
11Sofia Villers Gomez41.30
12Conor Finan42.30
13Muncaster Girls43.15
14The Reads43.30
15Emily Lack44.35
16Holly Bishop46.00
17Team Bates46.35
18Matthew and Jonny46.55
19Jane Breed48.40
20The Arnolds48.45
21Hattie Jones49.20
22Karen, Diane and Damien49.30
23Grace Edwards50.40
24Read (I,E,C,F)53.20
26Cameron Davis54.40
27Freddie Dwight54.55
29Aspley Guise Scouts A57.35
30Alexander Argent58.20
31Daid and Maria Buckley59.00
33Aeschlimann Family62.05
35Anna McElligott62.40
36Aspley Guise Scouts B63.03
Trot 5.10
1Ian Byrne41.05
2Gill Hanson42.40
3Craig and Briony43.55
4Francois Swiegers45.05
5Karen Vines45.15
6Gary and Sue Marshall45.52
7Chantal Helm49.00
8Matthew Pembrey49.12
9Charles Taylor-Keane49.55
10Ann Harris53.50
11Alex Pembrey54.00
12Peter and Laura Ansell69.12
13Yates Boys69.25
14Robert Easton71.45
15Corinne and Stacey72.12
16Rachel Fresco and Joanne Fallows73.15
17Luke and Dave77.07
18Steve and Shirley86.25
19Dave Matthews and Emma White89.38
20Team Sanders117.30
21Varnica Family120.40
22Team Swynnerton121.15
Team Luke/StantonRetired
Run 7.10
1Roger Thetford51.05
2Mike Capper53.42
3Darren and Tracey Haseldine54.45
4Ric Brackenbury57.08
5Jorge Bellver59.09
6Carol Edwards62.28
7Jim Wilson63.39
8Luke Minshall64.05
9Mike Shires69.38
10Rodney Hugo70.32
11John Harrison77.23
12Barry Breed80.10
Beth Hanson54.00 (Missing Control 6)
Glyn DimmockRetired Hurt