I'll start with apololgies. In the first place I must apologise for the misplaced control HN which started off in the wrong copse; this affected early runners on all courses. I'd always intended to put it in the copse it started in but unfortunately I drew the courses wrong. Thanks to the early finishers who alerted me to the problem. I must also apologise, to those who actually read the control descriptions, for my apparent inability to distinguish East and West, two Easts should have been West. The Amble course was, perhaps, a little trickier than normal but it was a nice day and everyone found all the controls eventually. For Trot and particularly Run there was quite a lot of urban, or possibly suburban, orienteering which did give you the chance to navigate through some of Great Linford's more intricate estates, which, from comments at the finish, was appreciated by some.

Steve Hardy

Keyne-O Keynie Volunteers

With the gratifying increase in numbers competing in Keyne-O events we now require a rather larger team of volunteers to run these events than we used to. In the early days two or three of us could run the events easily but these days we need at least six people to ensure the event runs smoothly and the team aren't overworked. We are keen to recruit some more volunteers to spread the load, so if you could spare some time before or after your run to help out that would be great. There are plenty of jobs that don't require any orienteering experience and full training will be available. If all our Keyne-O regulars could volunteer once or twice a season we would have plenty of help and wouldn't be relying on the current small pool of volunteers.

If you can help out please email Steve at the address below. We will also be recruiting at future Keyne-O Events.

Next event

If you enjoyed this event then why not come along to our next event on August 14th at Furzton Lake . Details will be on our events page soon.

If you are new to orienteering it is free to join SMOC as a Local member for the first year. Download a membership form here.

Amble 3.00
1James Nisbet30.25
2Jessica and Jim Badgery31.00
3Alfie Bullus33.00
4Lewis and Deb Badgery33.10
5Emily Faircloth35.00
6Rebecca Nisbet35.29
7Don Nisbet36.00
8Martin Arnold37.00
9Conor Finan44.58
10Beccy and Hannah Woolsey45.44
11Hannah Freeman46.33
12Toby and Graham Arnold47.00
12=Milly Askham47.00
14Emma and Izzy47.30
15Emily Lack48.48
16Joe Hackett49.21
17Muncaster Girls52.07
18Holly Bishop53.22
19Michael and Robert Henderson55.09
20Wright Family57.17
21The Richardson58.47
22Grace Edwards61.31
23Alexander Argent65.09
24Gergely Bognar71.35
25Hazel Munn73.41
26Francesca and Nat Williams77.37
27Elizabeth McNeil84.25
28Jacob and Ayla Fisher89.34
29Team Sanders94.50
30Hriston Family99.00
32David and Maria Buckley105.28
32=Edward and Susan Kirby105.28
32=Jessica Kirby105.28
Trot 5.00
1Bethany Hanson39.34
2Karen Vines40.15
3Ian Byrne40.46
4Ed Jones42.15
5Gill Hanson44.38
6Helen Nisbet45.04
7Neil Carter47.27
8Ann Harris50.00
9Dave Varty50.12
10Muncaster Boys54.40
11Jane Breed57.48
12Robert Dove58.16
13Heather Freeman58.21
14Ros James59.00
15Team Smith59.25
15=Lois Matthews59.25
17Krisztina Biro60.47
18Tim Miles and Family66.46
19Endre Czirbesz69.29
20The Yates Boys71.55
21Anita and Sofia72.40
22Paul Munn78.26
23Georgia and Sue Marshall79.02
24Dora Bognar82.17
25=Briony Webb83.20
25=Craig Hart83.20
27David Matthews102.04
28Awesome Name126.33
29Team Luke133.39
Steve HillRetired Hurt
SampsonsRetired Hurt
Run 7.20
1Toby Fisher48.50
2Richard Freeman49.21
3Darren and Tracy Haseldine49.50
4Ric Brackenbury53.14
5Paul Rushmer53.46
6Sacha Fisher57.50
7Freya Askham60.47
8Mike Shires63.08
9Team Civic72.41
10Rodney Hugo73.43
11Barry Breed77.04
Glyn DimmockMissed Control 2 (65.13)