Thanks to all those who turned up on a rather nasty damp day and made all our efforts worthwhile. The courses where planned by Rosie Shaw who was unable to make it on the day; I'm sure she'll be delighted that so many of you enjoyed the courses.

Steve Hardy

Keyne-O Keynie Volunteers

With the gratifying increase in numbers competing in Keyne-O events we now require a rather larger team of volunteers to run these events than we used to. In the early days two or three of us could run the events easily but these days we need at least six people to ensure the event runs smoothly and the team aren't overworked. We are keen to recruit some more volunteers to spread the load, so if you could spare some time before or after your run to help out that would be great. There are plenty of jobs that don't require any orienteering experience and full training will be available. If all our Keyne-O regulars could volunteer once or twice a season we would have plenty of help and wouldn't be relying on the current small pool of volunteers.

If you can help out please email Steve at the address below. We will also be recruiting at future Keyne-O Events.

Next event

If you enjoyed this event then why not come along to our next event on July 10th at Great Linford . Details will be on our events page soon.

If you are new to orienteering it is free to join SMOC as a Local member for the first year. Download a membership form here.

Amble 3.10
1Martin Arnold25.25
2Dora Bognar25.35
3Deb and Jessica Badgery26.05
4Endre Czirbesz27.15
5Alfie Bullus28.00
6Krisztina Czirbesz Biro29.38
7Toby and Graham Arnold30.10
8Hannah Freeman31.00
9Stuart and Alex32.30
10Rebecca Nisbet32.51
11Emily Faircloth33.25
12Charlie and Harrison34.10
13Michael and Robert Henderson34.20
14Jim and Lewis Badgery35.15
15Petra Virag35.30
16Muncaster Girls35.35
18Beccy and Hannah Woolsey39.50
19Izzy and Katie40.16
20Dawdling Dads41.18
22Liam and Bill42.20
23Emily Lack42.51
24David Matthews46.33
25Grace Bishop48.12
26Holly Bishop48.25
28Alison and Brenda56.45
30David and Maria Buckley57.10
31Jacob and Ayla Fisher62.35
32Matthew and Tom66.09
33Alexander Argent66.45
34Tabitha Sanderson and Sarah Taylor67.09
35Jonny and Ryan68.55
36Wilcox Family73.10
Trot 5.00
1Beth Hanson30.57
2Ian Byford38.05
3Gillian Hanson38.46
4Paul Munn39.12
5Pete Priest39.38
6Karen Vines40.35
7Muncaster Boys41.40
8Matthew and Graham Pembery44.45
9Graeme Watt48.50
10Heather Freeman53.13
11Ros James55.27
12Georgina and Gary Marshall55.55
13Lois Matthews57.50
14Yates Boys59.15
15Michelle Watt60.03
16Adam and Sue62.58
17Alex Pembery63.37
18Alec Maldar65.32
19Gwilym J James70.18
20Wendy Kent73.52
21Tasha Kent74.08
22The Monsters101.55
23Rosalind Short121.35
Run 7.70
1Dorien James42.32
2Richard Freeman46.12
3Toby Fisher50.00
4Sacha Fisher50.38
5Paul Rushmer51.45
6Joanne Nell53.20
7Robert Easton57.40
8Freya Askham57.45
9Michael Nell57.53
10Glyn Dimmock65.50
11John Harrison68.00
12Team Civic69.20
13Tim Miles73.00
14Dave Varty81.00
15Mike ShiresRetired