Well for my first planning for Keyne O I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself and hope that everyone else did too. My only downside was that some horrible people moved some controls so I hope those of who affected didn't let that spoil a lovely sunny morning (mostly) in some rather nice woods. Talking of woods it was amazing to see how much the undergrowth had shot up in the week before - parts were really rather different from when I last visited the woods a week ago. Still, we can all share the stories of the cuts and stings.

I didn't get everything right, despite Steve's best efforts, to whom I say "thank you", but my plan failed as I was told by Keith "well you'll just have to keep doing it until you get it right!"

Haydn Leaker (Planner)

Thanks to Haydn for planning some enjoyable courses and it's not his fault the 'Run' was a bit more challenging than intended, a week ago there was scarcely a nettle in site. And I certainly hope he'll keep on planning Keyne-Os even when he does get it all right. Due to the remarkable leap forward in the undergrowth in the last week I have been generous and not disqualified run competitors who missed controls in the wood though I've indicated in the results where control(s) where missed - I'm sure you got close! Thanks also to those competitors on Amble who replaced controls that had been 'misplaced' and for letting us know when a control had gone missing.

Steve Hardy (Organiser / Controller)

Next event

If you enjoyed this event then why not come along to our next event on June 12th at Loughton Valley . Details will be on our events page soon.

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Amble 2.50
1James Nisbet17.10
2Martin Arnold18.20
3Alfie Bullus20.27
4Jessica, Lewis and Deb Badgery23.49
5Emma, Izzy and Chris26.11
6Graham, Toby and Jack28.27
7Rebecca Nisbet31.25
8Muncaster Girls31.40
9Emily Faircloth32.41
10Conor Finan37.17
11The Reads37.23
14Holly Bishop39.20
15Cuthbert Family42.43
16Milly Askham43.50
17David and Maria Buckley44.02
18Paul Munn44.14
19Hannah Freeman44.50
21Sam Allan46.50
23Nat Goodlad51.40
24Tracy, Alison and Ruby52.28
25Hazel Munn53.20
30William Fitzpatrick66.24
31Kristov Family74.15
Trot 4.00
1Karen Vines29.40
2Gill Hanson29.53
3Ian Byrne31.34
4John Wickersham32.35
5Helen Nisbet33.21
6Alex Pembery35.22
7Muncaster Boys35.58
8Pete Priest36.15
9Robert Easton36.23
10Ann Harris36.44
11Team Civic36.54
12Matthew Pembery37.25
13Ros James37.40
14Enore Czirbesz38.25
15Yates Boys39.00
16Tony Ryan39.25
17John Shaw39.30
18Rosie Shaw40.00
19Gergely Bognar40.28
20Heather Freeman40.37
21Caroline Fitzpatrick40.57
22Team Smith41.34
23Krisztina Czirbesz Biro41.50
24Steve and Shirley45.44
25Jen North46.50
26Dora Bognar47.50
27Steve Hill52.00
28Alec Maldar52.47
29Wendy Kent55.48
30Jelly Babies58.10
32Ben Pagington64.22
33Emily Lack and Coconut64.45
34Max Hornshaw68.10
36Green Dog71.30
37Sue and Georgia Marshall77.48
38Jonny and Ryan85.06
40Alexander Argent102.00
40=Jade Johnson102.00
42Team Luke118.35
ncSteve Hardy22.55
Run 6.00
1Richard Freeman51.51 Missed 7
2Mike Jones53.02
3Keith Downing55.40
4Toby Fisher59.40
5Sacha Fisher61.00
6Ric Brackenbury64.16
7Glyn Dimmock65.08
8Mike Shires71.36
9Rodney Hugo75.57
10Freya Askham76.21 Missed 7
11Sammy Faircloth83.15 Missed 7
12Beth Hanson88.00 Missed 7,19
13Leanne Bailey108.27