A glorious early spring day certainly brought lots of people out into the woods. I'm sorry we didn't quite anticipate the level of demand and so had to 'recycle' a few maps on both the 'Trot' and 'Amble' courses. I'll check the weather forecast next time and print plenty of maps if it's looking good. The woods are probably at their best at this time of year with the spring flowers putting in an appearance and the undergrowth still quite passable.

Steve Hardy

Next event

If you enjoyed this event then why not come along to our next event on May 8th at Howe Park Wood . Details will be on our events page soon.

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Amble 3.00
1Martin Arnold22.03
2Jessica, Lewis and Deb Badgery22.06
5Diana Hailey24.30
6Alfred Bullus25.49
7Izzy Jones and Emma Brown26.05
8Toby and Alison Arnold28.17
9Conor Finan29.06
10Muncaster Girls29.48
11Holly Knight30.20
12Rosie Shaw31.48
13Emily Faircloth31.51
14William Chandler33.02
15Holly Bishop33.30
16Hattie and Ed Jones34.00
17Sue Bowman37.05
18Wendy Williams37.20
19The Reads37.30
21Milly Askham50.00
22Ben Pagington52.01
24The Appletons53.10
25Steve and Caroline Raine54.00
26Emily Lack56.32
27Aaron and Joel57.10
27=Alexander Argent57.10
29Jackie Dean57.40
30William Fitzpatrick57.55
31Husky and Black Dog58.00
32Eleanor Demeo69.05
33Emma Campion71.30
34Sam Allan75.30
35Matthew and Tom81.52
Trot 4.50
1Ed Jones26.57
2Beth Hanson28.00
3Gill Hanson35.00
4Janet Pembery35.41
5Danny Hearn38.21
6Carys James38.38
7Roger Hailey39.44
8Ros James40.28
9Freya Askham41.48
10Ian Byrne43.49
11Graham Pembery44.30
12Yates Boys48.00
13Deb, Jess and Lewis Badgery49.30
14John Bowman50.05
15Lois Matthews50.22
16Gergely Bognar50.35
17Emma and John51.00
18Krisztina Czirbesz Biro51.31
19Robert Easton54.20
20Isoldt Harris55.25
21Amber Harris55.30
22Endre Czirbesz56.22
23Tony Ryan58.30
24Steve Brown59.35
25Team Civic61.00
26Dora Bognar61.18
27Jen North61.29
28Alec Maldar67.13
29Kai Rutlin70.33
31Wendy Kent77.31
32Tim Miles and Family79.56
33Natasha Kent81.00
34Charlotte Middleton98.44
35Varnica Family101.00
36Jean Sampson112.44
37Team Dixon125.44
38Team Stanton137.00
38=Norgaard Family137.00
Run 7.50
1Ric Brackenbury54.07
2Paul Rushmer55.55
3Hans Rutlin59.40
4Paul Hearn60.53
5Rachel Edwards63.00
6Mike Shires65.50
7Jon Chandler67.55
8Peter Harris68.17
9Adam Dent73.02
10John Wickersham75.33
11Rodney Hugo80.45
12Charles Taylor-Keane83.00
13Pete Dobbs91.45