After the winter break it's good to see a lot of regulars back in action and a few new faces too. It's a pity the lovely weather of Saturday couldn't have lasted a bit longer but at least it was good running weather. The quite tricky and fairly vicious Championship course seemed to go down well. The viciousist bits could all be avoided but some certainly took up the challenge of direct routes.

Steve Hardy

Next event

If you enjoyed this event then why not come along to our next event on April 10th at Linford Wood . Details will be on our events page soon.

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Amble 3.00
1Jessica and Jim Badgery18.39
2Martin Arnold19.45
3James Nisbet20.41
4Lewis and Deb Badgery22.05
5Lucy Dean22.48
6Isabel Jones and Emma Brown26.10
7Jen North28.22
8Holly Knight32.45
8=Andrew and Elizabeth32.45
10Muncaster Girls + 133.57
11Holly Bishop36.21
12Grace Bishop36.31
13Geri and Vesi36.38
14Wendy Kent40.20
15Team Bates42.02
17Diana Hailey45.45
18Alison, Toby and Archie47.32
20Freeman Family51.33
21Emily Lack52.26
22Jacob and Ayla Fisher53.54
23Anna Harris56.01
24Conor Finan56.20
Eleanor Demeo and Nathan WhiteRetired
Championship 4.70
1Rob Palmer29.11
2Richard Pownall32.16
3Toby Fisher35.02
4Ric Brackenbury36.02
5Paul Rushmer37.01
6Sacha Fisher41.12
7Keith Downing41.33
8Beth Hanson(W16)42.45
9Gill Hanson46.25
10Daniel Nolan52.55
11Helen Nisbet57.47
12Charles Taylor-Keane62.14
13Lois Matthews65.02
14Robert Dove66.27
15Ros James67.51
16Jane Breed68.07
17Dave Varty72.01
18Deb, Jim, Jess and Lewis74.10
19Alec Maldar96.52
20Daniel J Etheridge135.18
Trot 4.70
1Ed Jones38.41
2Stuart Bromley41.10
3Georgia and Gary Marshall42.20
4Roger Hailey43.02
5Ann Virgo and Twiggy45.41
6Joanne Allin and Russ Littler46.03
7Rebecca and Don Nisbet56.21
8The Yates Boys62.05
9Adam and Sue Marshall62.32
10Dan and Matthew71.33
11Steve Brown74.20
12Tony Ryan78.00
13Alexander Argent85.15
14Douse, Montague and Richardson89.28
15Team Luce110.50
15=Norgaard Family110.50
William FitzpatrickRetired
Run 7.40
1Daren and Tracey Haseldine47.35
2Barry Breed62.54
3John Harrison66.30
Pete DobbsRetired