Though the initial sunshine we had when setting up faded rapidly it remained a good day for a run (or walk) and it stayed dry. I must apologise for omitting one control description for competitors on Trot and Run but only two people commented to me and no one complained at the finish. The courses seemed to go down well, at times it's hard to believe you are in the middle of a city, and the real cows didn't eat any of the controls.

Congratulations to the three competitors who managed to compete at every event in 2010 so earning their "Complete Keenness" cups. The roll of honour is: Rebecca Nisbet, Lewis Badgery and Elliot Lack. Well done.

Steve Hardy

Next event

Our next event is a Regional event at Salcey Forest on 6th February. This will have a wide range of courses for all ages and abilities and will use electronic punching. This will be a pre-entry event so watch the web site for details.

Keyne-O now takes a winter break but will resume on March 20th 2011 at Shenley Wood. Details of all our events will be on our events page.

If you are new to orienteering it is free to join SMOC as a Local member for the first year. Download a membership form here.

Amble 2.7km
1Martin Arnold19.25
2Lewis and Jim Badgery20.25
3Jessica and Deb Badgery21.15
4Rosie Shaw22.07
5Elizabeth Sheldon, Stephen Webb23.07
6Muncaster Girls26.11
7Rebecca Nisbet33.39
8Yates Boys36.13
9Toby and Alison Arnold42.55
10Brenda Meryl, Derek Sinfield43.50
11Holly Bishop46.48
12David and Maria Buckley51.14
13Fisher Family54.09
14Read Family62.00
15Team Crilly65.08
16The McCallions65.50
17Elliot and Emily Lack68.20
18Alexander Argent69.40
Trot 4.7km
1Toby Fisher26.08
2Andy Blanchard28.43
3Karen Vines31.35
4Mal Anley32.48
5Ian Byrne33.19
6Gillian Hanson33.30
7Mike Shires33.50
8A Owen34.03
9Terry Penny34.35
10Lyn West36.00
11Helen Nisbet37.33
12John Nottingham40.35
13Charles Taylor-Keane42.43
14Ros James44.50
15Lois Matthews49.08
16Diane Ford57.08
17Team Scooby Doo57.36
18Kasey and Damion60.14
Run 7.5km
1Dorien James46.37
2Mike Jones48.03
3Paul Hearn49.35
4Simon Ford52.18
5Glyn Dimmock54.38
6Colin West55.20
7Haydn Leaker63.37
9Simply ForwardRetired