Despite a rather grey start we had an excellent turnout and what became a very nice Autumn day. Campbell Park may be a bit small but the hills amply compensated for the slightly shorter than normal Amble and Trot courses. Thanks to Keith Downing for planning some very well received courses. The Trot in particular was strongly contested with only a couple of minutes spanning the first four runners. Numbers where a bit down on Run but the experts are probably saving themselves for the Sprint Event (also in Campbell Park) in a couple of weeks time. And Keith assures me that no controls were deliberately hidden in bushes...

Steve Hardy

Next event

If you enjoyed this event then why not come along to our next event on November 10th at Woughton on the Green. Details will be on our events page soon.

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Amble 2.50
1Muncaster Boys18.04
2James Nisbet20.54
3Deb, Jessica and Lewis Badgery21.18
4Rosie Shaw22.00
5Graham, Cameron and Toby24.11
6Felix and Julian25.46
8Natalia and James28.31
9Muncaster Girls29.08
10Elliot Lack31.11
11Carol Mason32.22
12Rachel McAndrew32.53
13Ian and Cheryl Dryland33.15
15Emily Lack36.22
16Sarah, Chris, Megan and Emma Graham38.40
18Karen and Beth Hackett41.32
19Rebecca and Imogen42.00
20Martin and Daniel43.30
21Oscar and Martin44.55
23Cody and Melissa54.32
24Kate Crilly62.30
25Jessica Kirby66.10
26Vesi and Geri73.35
26=G Hutton and Family73.35
Trot 3.50
1Freya Askham24.12
2K Hopkins24.50
3Karen Vines25.41
4Ian Byrne26.11
5Charles Taylor-Keane28.00
6Sue and Gary Marshall28.20
7Pete Priest28.33
8Helen Nisbet29.00
9John Woodhall33.26
10Veritie and Keith Yates34.15
11Lois Matthews35.00
12Steve Hill36.00
13Oscar and Julian36.29
14Lorraine Houghton38.00
15John Hackett38.40
16Felix and Martha39.33
17Rose, Davy and Kurmed Mistry39.40
18Natalia and James40.30
19Tim, Ben and Charlotte Miles44.53
20The White Ranger45.10
21Tanner Stott46.22
22Meg and Tia48.10
23Nic Holmer and Susie Laybown49.30
24Shirley Whiteron51.00
25Team Luke58.35
26Alexander Argent59.53
27Rachel McAndrew60.20
28Shreechaian and Simon67.30
Run 7.50
1Ric Brackenbury50.33
2Daren and Tracey Hazeldine55.30
3Paul Rushmer59.18
4Glyn Dimmock61.08
5Ian Wells68.50
6John Wickersham77.40
7A Owen81.12
8Joanne Allin93.22
9Iain Dawson111.11
10Super SausagesRetired