In the first place apologies to those whose runs were adversley affected by the loss of three controls. I replaced these as soon as possible and we will try in future to ensure control sites are tagged in a vandal proof way so competitors will at least know they are in the right place. Otherwise we had a good weather and the courses were well received.

The event raised 162.40 for Pakistan Flood Relief. I'm not sure where the 40p came from either!

Congratulations to our three regulars who earned their `Considerable Keenness' medals for completing seven Keyne-O events in a year. They are Rebecca Nisbet, Lewis Badgery and Eliot Lack. Well Done.

Medal winner

Lost Property. We are looking after a rather small and lonely Snoopy who was found near the tent. If he's yours please contact me and we'll arrange his return.

Steve Hardy

Next event

If you enjoyed this event then why not come along to our next event on October 10th at Campbell Park. Details will be on our events page soon.

If you are new to orienteering it is free to join SMOC as a Local member for the first year. Join NOW and get membership up to the end of 2011. Download a membership form here.

Amble 3.00
1James Nisbet19.09
2Lewis and Deb Badgery21.35
3Jessica and Jim Badgery25.26
4Muncaster Boys31.15
5Rose Davy32.57
6Carol Mason33.00
7Rebecca Nisbet43.00
8Super Sausages47.32
9Team Bates53.34
10Emily Lack55.20
11William Fitzpatrick55.30
12Luke Hallett55.57
13Alexandre Argent57.42
15Hooton Girls62.10
16Alison and Toby Arnold62.44
17D and M Buckley75.00
18G Hristov and family90.00
18=Veselina Eneva90.00
Trot 4.80
1Mike Shires37.33
2Rosie Shaw41.42
3Pete Priest42.13
4Charles Taylor-Keane42.52
5Helen Nisbet44.03
6Ann Harris47.23
7Ros James48.07
8John Shaw49.48
9Martina Müller and Ric Brackenbury52.00
10Lewis Wright55.50
11Elliot Lack58.15
13Steve Hill65.00
14Chris Pratt and Kasey Brock66.25
16Alex Matthews and Coral Rushmer82.07
17Lucy De Rojas85.04
18One Tribe88.30
19Marion Shipman90.29
Run 7.50
1Paul Rushmer70.15
3Lewis S Wright74.35
4Jo Allin and Dims108.51
5Carys James117.45