Thanks to everyone who braved the sunshine to take part, particularly those who travelled from a distance. We decided to explore the valley area itself rather than go round the lake as we've done before, and some regulars seemed to enjoy the chance to explore unfamiliar areas offering more variety than a lakeside circuit. From a planning point of view, there were many more interesting features to use in this direction. At times the tensions between our informal park events and a more competition-centred event did show, and I hope that our approach didn't spoil anyone's enjoyment. I'm aware that few competitors on the long course found the route through the canal tunnel, and that some found the mini-controls took some getting used to; perhaps this course may have worked even better in reverse. Finally thanks to the crack team of volunteers who ensured everything was ready well before 10am and for keeping the event running smoothly.

Lost property: One pair of light blue sunglasses.

Ric Brackenbury

Next event

If you enjoyed this event then why not come along to our next event on 12th September at Linford Wood. Details will be on our events page soon.

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Amble 3.00k
1James Nisbet25.05
2Diana Hailey27.47
3Martin and Toby Arnold28.58
4Lewis and Deb Badgery29.05
5Jess and Jim Badgery32.33
6Wendy Williams36.39
7Gemma Gostick37.24
8Carol Mason41.27
9Hooton Boyz43.38
10Emily Lack45.58
11Lena Nickan46.45
12D and M Buckley57.12
13Alison Arnold and Brenda Smifield58.50
14Rebecca Nisbet60.13
15Fisher Family63.45
16Galina Hristov68.25
Trot 5.00k
1Roger Williams36.03
2William Power41.40
3Roger Hailey42.55
4Mike Shires43.38
5Charles Taylor-Keane46.00
6Sarah Underwood47.47
7Rosie Shaw50.31
8Janet Richardson50.36
9Helen Nisbet51.09
10Jenny Gostick54.02
11Alison Saunders56.40
12Terry Penny59.20
13Penny Parkes61.15
14John woodall61.33
15Anne Power61.38
16John Shaw62.20
17Elliot Lack66.49
18Ros James69.00
19Frank Smith69.08
20Steve Hill69.38
21Claire Burdett70.03
22Elizabeth McNeill71.12
23The Mackridge family72.01
24Girls Hooton83.41
25Suzanne Heady83.51
26J and M Hamish-Wilson91.26
27Kasey Brock and Chris Pratt112.46
28Baulk Family133.17
29Chester Newbold141.02
dsqJ Campion66.05 15 controls missed.
Run 7.60k
1Dorien James60.10
2Neville Baker64.28
3Toby Fisher64.29
4Neil Gostick69.18
5Sacha Fisher69.27
6Kevin Parkes70.02
7Jacob Sharpe70.42
8Bruce Bryant70.46
9Steve Collins71.19
10Liz Phillips71.50
11John Middler72.40
12Colin Webster73.45
13Mike Hampton73.55
14Daren and Tracey Haseldine76.12
15David Saunders78.31
16Ian Wells79.25
17Jim Wilson80.11
18Chris Drew80.22
19Marie-Anne Fischer82.00
20Liz Drew82.27
21W A Owen85.04
22Robert Price93.16
23Pete Dobbs94.21
24Laura Parkes95.05
25David Sedgley96.10
26Ben Marchant101.58
27Joanne Allin112.10
dsqJim Prowting56.17 - 4 Controls Missing
dsqMick Smith61.55 - 1 Control Missing