For the most part the weather held up though a few of you got a brief soaking in the heavy shower that made me wish I hadn't put the start and finish in the open. The nature of the area means that it's tricky to make the courses tricky so it tends to favour runners over navigators with some very fast times on all the courses. The high availability of distractions such as playgrounds accounts for some of the longer times!

Steve Hardy

Next event

If you enjoyed this event then why not come along to our next event on July 11th at Furzton Lake . Details will be on our events page soon.

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Amble 2.90
1Muncaster Boys20.30
2Lewis and Deb Badgery27.06
3Elliot and Adam27.10
4Muncaster Girls28.12
5Rebecca Nisbet30.50
6Holly Bishop41.23
7Team Luke43.25
8Hooten Boys44.42
9Team Watters-Green48.07
10Joshua, Luke and Emily48.10
11Alexander Fielding50.39
13Wendy and Natasha Kent51.52
14Joseph Fielding53.19
15Steve Hill54.34
16Carol Mason58.00
17Eleanor Meo and Nathan White60.15
18The Collins Walkers60.40
19Bates Family64.47
20Fisher Family65.13
21Alexander Argent72.00
22Armstrong Family94.40
Trot 5.00
1Toby Fisher32.13
2Malcolm Anley34.45
3Sacha Fisher37.24
4Mike Shires39.58
5Pete Priest41.10
6John Bailey43.23
7Liz Drew44.11
8Terry Penny44.24
9Ian Byrne46.45
10Samuel Fielding46.47
11Monkey Squad48.17
12Penny Parkes49.55
13Ros James50.37
14Jennifer Taylor51.00
15Collins Family57.23
16Alec Maldar58.23
17Anne Power64.25
18Lauren and Emma Hooten67.36
19Dytrych Family98.20
20Lloyd and Ben Knowles112.00
21Danielle and Amy118.00
22Varnica Family124.19
23Geoff TaylorMissed 12 (50.17)
Run 7.30
1Kevin Fielding35.50
2Ric Brackenbury40.06
3Dorien James41.23
4Daren and Tracy Haseldine42.53
5Paul Rushmer44.55
6Alwyn Challacombe48.44
7Kevin Parkes48.47
8Ian Wells49.48
9Jon Chandler50.01
10Laura Parkes50.18
11Chris Draw50.34
12Sean Mitchell50.42
13Glyn Dimmock55.28
14Val Challacombe63.00
15Dave Varty70.20
16Andrew Harris71.00
17Iain Dawson78.08
18Carys James80.13
19Andrew and Rebecca91.15