At least the rain of the previous day held off, but what's happened to the warm spring sunshine? Howe Park Woods are at their best at this time of year, and recent thinning has opened them up in places but they aren't big enough on their own for the longer courses. Linking them with Emerson Valley linear park via the complex housing estates made an interesting contrast which I hope gave you enough challenge and variety to keep you thinking. I'm sorry that the small errors crept in to mar the course planning. One source of error was caused by the same problem as some of you noticed on the maps themselves - the shading for the built up areas makes control circles, lines and numbers less easy to read, even after enhancing the colour.
The size of the woods themselves, and the attractive bluebells, had suggested the idea of a shorter course than has been offered at other Keyne-O events. Several of you tried this short course which suggests that it might be a good idea to provide other short courses in future where the areas are suitable.
Many thanks to Ros and Dorien, Karen and Steve for their help in handling the entries.

Keith Downing.

Next event

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Woodland Wander 2.0km
1Hannah Freeman33.00
2Ian Horner37.00
3Wendy Williams42.00
4Collins Walkers47.30
5Fisher Family56.20
6Bates Family56.42
7Martin Arnold57.10
8Nimish Sawjani70.49
9Thomas Family71.11
10Barbara GermanNo Time
Tricky 2.8km
1Richard Freeman33.00
2Helen Nisbet46.23
3B Gibson50.43
4Lois Matthews52.47
5J Gibson62.36
6Ros James69.53
Amble 3.3km
1James Nisbet34.55
2Lewis Mancaster45.32
3Jessica and Lewis59.10
4Carol Mason62.14
5Wangusi Family65.35
6Dawson Team66.56
7Rebecca Nisbet72.40
8Sharon Stanton74.00
9William Fitzpatrick75.20
10Emily Lack78.49
10=Joshua Horne78.49
12Team Luke86.15
13Varnica Family86.27
14Hooton Boys99.40
Trot 5.0km
1Stuart Bromley45.15
2Karen Vines45.54
3Toby Fisher49.50
4Pete Fisher51.40
5Collins Family58.15
6John Bailey59.30
7Ed Shakespeare62.09
8Georgia Marshall65.33
9Elliot and Adam65.59
10Adam Marshall78.02
11Alexander Argent109.10
12Hooton Team 1113.20
13Shakespeare Family130.00
Run 7.5km
1Kevin Harding48.41
2Ric Brackenbury52.25
3Paul Rushmer54.59
4Bryony Harding55.37
5Dorien James56.20
6Alison Harding56.25
7Mike Jones56.35
8Steve Hardy56.56
9Darren and Tracy59.37
10Paul Hearn61.50
11Michael Bickle64.38
12David Sakespeare and Mark Clayton68.20
13Sacha Fisher73.36
14Glyn Dimmock75.00
15Keith Verralls77.35
16Helen Bickle78.35
17Geoff Taylor92.30
18William and Clarissa Gosling96.05
19Hartley - Run154.08