Another pleasant Spring day saw an excellent turnout for the event. Shenley Wood is looking good as the leaves and flowers are starting to appear but fortunately it's still not too thick to take competitors into the woods. Using a map exchange enabled me to squeeze a reasonably long course into a small area but we'll try and avoid the map exchange clashing with Amble next time.

Steve Hardy

Next event

If you enjoyed this event then why not come along to our next event on May 9th at Howe Park Wood. Details will be on our events page soon.

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Tricky 2.80
1Keith Downing23.11
2John Shaw35.49
3Jean Woodall39.40
4Ros James51.07
5Ursula Oxburgh52.40
6Pru Normand67.10
Amble 2.90
1James Nisbet25.06
2Elliot and Adam26.26
3Muncaster Boys27.00
4Jim and Lewis Badgery28.17
5Edward and Alex29.56
6Muncaster Girls30.45
7Seb Scaife35.09
8Rosie Shaw35.12
9Deb and Jess Badgery36.35
10Fisher Family39.08
11Neil Eynon40.05
12Carol Mason40.30
13Stephen and Brendan41.50
14Emily Lack46.20
14=Luke Hallett46.20
14=Joshua Horne46.20
17Noakes Family47.10
18Adam Josebury48.10
19Rebecca Nisbet49.00
20David and Maria Buckley51.30
21Eleanor De Meo and Nathan White53.59
22Kinsella R61.14
22=Kinsella A61.14
26Armes Family75.40
27Stephen Smith85.57
Trot 5.00
1Toby Fisher32.49
2Sasha Fisher38.50
3Stuart Bromley43.20
4Drew and Laura Vanbeck44.00
5Will James44.44
6Malcolm Anley45.11
7Ann Harris48.00
8Ed Scaife48.50
9Lois Matthews52.08
10Marshall Family52.49
11Jeff Holiday55.00
12Collins Family59.08
13Miles Family60.25
14Edward and Alex62.12
15Ann Virco70.10
16Max and Pam Hubbert82.19
17Alexander Argent + 283.25
18Thomas Family85.50
19Toby Arnold95.52
20Graham and Bradley Bull96.25
21Team Luke119.13
22Harrison FamilyRetired
Run 7.10
1Kevin Harding38.27
2Rebecca Harding44.38
3Bryony Harding45.14
4Paul Rushmore51.34
5Derek Wheelhouse54.49
6George Normand59.11
7Scott and Manjeet62.30
8Carys James68.40
9Willaim and Clarissa Gosling75.50
10Keith Hubbert80.10
11Terry Penny85.20
13Hartley Family132.12
14Dave VartyRetired