The lovely weather and the challenge of the Championship course brought out our best entry yet for a Keyne-O event. This is the first time we have used Great Lindford for orienteering, the area supplies a suprising variety of terrain though course planning is a little constrained by the limited number of canal crossings.

Steve Hardy

Next event

If you enjoyed this event then why not come along to our next event on April 11th at Shenley Wood . Details will be on our events page soon.

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Amble 3.00
1Muncaster Boys21.32
2James Nisbet24.01
3Marshall Family26.00
4Badgery Family28.00
5Lack x 231.00
6Alfie Bullus31.45
7Muncaster Girls32.15
8Hartley x 232.35
9Carol Mason34.28
10Andrew Thompson and Rebeccca Malton35.35
11Rebecca Nisbet36.00
12Roger Wilcox37.00
13Dean Harvey and Jonathon Griffiths39.20
14Serena Griffiths43.00
15Horne Family44.33
16Pete and Chrissie Dobbs46.45
17Hannah Freeman50.00
18Helen Stott and Melissa Cody51.27
19Athena Beckett and Jonathon Brown53.00
20Linda Marsh53.10
21Aiden Paterson and Wendy56.02
22Wilcox Family59.15
23Argent Family60.00
24Clare, Stuart, Hannah and Safi61.00
25William Fitzpatrick70.22
26Rowan Paterson88.30
27Ethan Paterson91.12
Trot 4.70
1James Davey34.18
2David and Cheryl Whiteley37.49
3Michelle Watt42.45
4Iona Watt44.40
5Vince, Michelle and Robert Parkes46.00
6Turnham C53.05
7Andrew and Rebecca53.50
8Clare Burdett60.30
10Turnham P63.53
11Ian Clayton64.23
12Andrew Stott and Tanner65.47
13Danny and Jesse66.43
14Dytrchh Family66.45
15Aaron Watt70.43
16Kerry, David and Ross71.48
17Hartley x 275.00
18Hayley, Charlotte and Ben Miles80.54
19Carol Rushmore and Alex MatthewsRetired
Championship 4.80
1Jim Wilson28.40
2Richard Freeman31.45
3Michael Parsons32.00
4John Griffiths32.50
5Toby Fisher34.51
6Oliver Tomlinson37.15
7Daniel Parsons38.16
8Rachel Edwards39.42
9Paul Rushmore41.32
10Derek Wheelhouse41.37
11Malcolm Anley42.43
12Robert Price44.50
13Carys James45.00
13=Charles Talor-Keane45.00
15Karen Vines45.11
16Sacha Fisher45.20
17Helen Nisbet46.16
18Ann Harris46.25
19Ian Byrne46.53
20Rosie Shaw47.06
21Robert Dove51.25
22Mike Shires56.42
23John Shaw59.20
24Lois Matthews62.21
25Marienfield Family68.00
26Roz James70.25
Run 7.60
1Darren and Tracy Haseldine44.49
2Paul Hearn53.25
3Scott, Manjeet, Clare and Yvonne55.18
4Simon Paterson59.12
5Tim Miles72.27
6Geoff Taylor75.00
7Stuart Bramley92.48