The Forest of Marston Vale continues to grow - unfortunately this includes the hawthorn bushes which cover much of the country park. Most of you made your way through without too many scratches. The park is also home to a variety of wildlife - unfortunately the beds of orchids which were out in full colour when I planned were over, the path end by the lake was a particularly attractive.
I planned the courses to be technical and even though the area is small, it was quite tough for some of you, but you all seemed to have enjoyed the challenge. Sorry about the torrential shower during the late morning. Some of you were out for a long time and got very wet!
Those of you who were trying the sport for the first time will be welcome to the Keyne-O events which start again in September, and there will also be an event at Stockgrove Park, Leighton Buzzard in October. All details on the SMOC website. I look forward to seeing you along with the regular faces at one of the Autumn events.

Keith Downing

Next event

If you enjoyed this event then why not come along to our next event on September 13th at Campbell Park. Details will be on our events page soon.

Mike JonesSMOC45.47
Richard PhilipsInd48.07
Ric BrackenburySMOC49.09
Steve HardySMOC59.21
Karen VinesSMOC63.50
Daren & Tracey HaseldineSMOC65.05
Paul LoweSUFFOC66.01
Kevin HopkinsSMOC69.20
Mike BickleWAOC71.32
Rachel EdwardsSMOC74.31
Helen BickleWAOC84.57
Chris Pratt & Damion ParryInd86.52
Ann HarrisSMOC90.42
Dave SkinnerSOS91.50
Debbie CharltonHH93.42
Jo Allin & Casey BrockInd102.30
Hanson family HH106.28
Ian Buxton TVOC 115.55
Cath Woodman Ind 115.55
Geoff Taylor Ind 125.37
Rob OldfieldInd 138.47
Rosie Shaw SMOC retired
Pete PriestTVOC40.40
Alec MaldarSMOC57.25
Wendy KentSMOC57.00
Lack familyInd69.50
Alesha Lowe& SheilaSUFFOCretired