Firstly a big thankyou to Mike for planning some challenging longer courses and a lovely short course for the Amble that took you to bits of Cambell park that I hadn't visited before. Despite the trickier longer courses everyone seemed to enjoy them and find their way round (eventually). I have added a 'new' course in the results: Sprint. This is actually the same course as the Amble but the competitors on it are experienced adult orienteers going flat out. This will feature in future events and might even get it's own course if demand increases.

Steve Hardy

Next event

If you enjoyed this event then why not come along to our District Event on October 4th at Stockgrove Park this will feature a full range of courses and electronic punching. Details are on our events page. Our next park event is on October 11th at Teardrop Lakes.

New to orienteering?

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Amble 2.90k
1 Muncaster Boys 18.25
2 Ann Virco 31.27
3 Rowan Paterson 34.47
4 Muncaster Girls 34.56
5 Aidan Paterson 35.00
6 Lack Family 39.03
7 Lucy and Swapnil 39.26
8 Karen Waters and Samantha 39.27
9 Sue and Georgia Marshall 39.50
10 Steve Waters and Jonathon 41.47
11 Ethan Paterson 86.38
Sprint 2.90k
1 Keith Downing 15.33
2 John Shaw 19.44
Trot 5.10k
1 Carys James 62.10
2 Rosie Shaw 63.39
3 Michelle, Ammy and Kelly 71.54
4 Hamish Wilson 89.52
5 Chanalaris Family 97.30
6 Roz James 104.57
Run 7.40k
1 Roger Williams 60.16
2 Ric Brackenbury 60.53
3 Simon Paterson 80.52
4 Rachel Edwards 84.10
5 Carrie and Will Gosling 98.50
6 Simply Forward 102.00
7 Chris Taylor 113.00