Results for Keyne-O 8: Linford Wood

Sunday 2nd October


PlaceName ClubAge classTime
1Matthew PemberySMOCM18 0:16:42
2Debbie CharltonSMOC0:25:24
4Russell Family0:29:20
5Ros JamesSMOCW550:33:16
8Team Skipton0:40:27
9The Bromleys0:40:36
10Malon Lave0:43:50
11The A-Team0:46:40
12Team Palmer0:47:12
13Aussie Battlers0:49:00
14Team Livan0:54:04
15Team Lollipop0:57:43
18Yallop Happy1:10:48
19The Allens1:19:52


PlaceNameClubAge classTime
1John Fletcher0:34:06
2Adrian HarrisHHM500:35:28
3Dorien JamesSMOCM550:36:11
4Graham PemberySMOCM550:40:22
5Mark SalmonSMOCM450:42:40
6Pete PriestTVOCM550:45:34
7Ann HarrisSMOCW600:46:58
8John BowmanODM700:49:32
9Charles Taylor-KeaneSMOCM600:52:35
10Penny RodgersTVOCW500:56:00
11Bob AustinSMOCM650:58:05
12Dave Varty0:59:16
14Fox Team0:59:31
16Alec MaldarSMOCM551:04:38
17Malc & Dawn1:04:48
18Wendy KentSMOCW551:09:08
20Team Ansell1:14:08
21Hoopless Hikers1:18:36
24Sidney Fletcher1:28:36
25Golden Eagles2:03:47
26David and Maria2:07:00


PositionNameClubAge classTime taken
1Mark AdamsHHM500:48:50
2Jan TravnicekTVOCM400:52:34
3Nerijus TatarunasSMOCM210:52:59
4Neville BakerTVOCM600:55:36
5Mike CapperWAOCM600:58:36
6Ed JonesSMOCM450:58:45
7David ShakespeareM500:59:03
8Mike HamptonODM700:59:47
9Agne SuksteryteW351:05:36
10Ian WellsRAFOM601:07:40
11Mark GloverSMOCM351:09:30
12Jim WilsonTVOCM601:10:15
13Tracy BrownW401:11:37
14Mike ShiresTVOCM401:14:09
15Marie-Ann FischerTVOCW351:22:10
16David SedgleySMOCM751:35:39

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Thank you to today's volunteers ...

Ed Jones, Charles Taylor-Keane, Ros James, Dorien James, Ann Harris, Debbie Charlton, Steve Hardy, Karen Vines.

Organiser's Comments

A cool, crisp, sunny Autumn morning greeted competitors to our last KeyneO of 2016. Many eager young, and not so young competitors enjoyed the delights of Linford Wood and Ric's interesting and sometimes challenging courses. A late rush of experienced volunteers made my first go at organising this event so much easier. Thank you to all the helpers. If you would like to have a go at organising or planning, I'm sure Ros would like to hear from you for the 2017 programme.

Mike Jones

Planner's Comments

A great relief to see Autumn sunshine for our final Keyne-O of the year. I aimed for a mix of interesting controls, open route choice, and using the repeated urban features in Heelands on the longer courses as well as a challenging final control in the wood for the Runners. From the comments at the end it seemed like this mix was well-received and I hope you enjoyed your run. If you think you could do better - why not volunteer to plan an event next year?

Ric Brackenbury

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