Results for Keyne-O 6: Caldecotte

Sunday 14th August


Place Name Club Age classTime
1 Jim Wood ERYRIM550:19:40
2 Hallett 0:24:14
3 Team Skipton 0:32:04
4 The Russell Family 0:33:40
5 Team Awesome SMOC 0:34:18
6 Sluggards 0:37:27
7 Team Boughton 0:42:27
8 Dorothy Woodall NOC W750:44:12
9 Team Summers SMOC 0:46:39
10Ros James SMOC W550:48:52
11Team Davii 0:49:06
12Sue Rae 0:49:37
13Team Livan 0:58:55
14Team Bennett Thorpe 1:01:55
15Maggie Billing 1:07:56
16AJA 1:09:00
17Team Jeffrey 1:14:24
18Kata Czirbesz SMOCW10 1:14:43
mp6Hilary Kelly 0:45:50
-Ian Byford (n/c) HH M550:17:12


PlaceNameClubAge classTime
1Tom WoodERYRIM160:32:28
2Matthew PemberySMOC0:34:47
3Karen VinesSMOCW450:35:05
4J DunningWAOCM400:35:42
5Ian Byford HHM550:39:26
6Eliza HermannHHW550:42:02
7Alex PemberySMOC0:44:50
8John Fletcher0:45:57
9Rebecca NisbetSMOCW160:46:03
10Liz DrewEBORW650:46:05
11Mark SalmonSMOCM450:46:55
12Helen NisbetSMOC0:48:12
13Sidney Fletcher0:50:49
14Charles Taylor-KeaneSMOCM600:51:53
15Izzy JonesSMOC0:52:29
16Krisztina CzirbeszSMOCW400:54:45
17Dave VartySMOCM500:55:12
18Dora BognarSMOCW200:59:06
19Endre CzirbeszSMOCM401:00:30
20Dave MatthewsSMOCM501:01:00
21John WoodallNOCM751:03:56
22Anne PowerLOKW801:06:21
23Malc + Dawn1:08:10
24Rodney HugoODM701:08:58
25Jane BreedHHW601:09:30
26Emma + Zack1:10:01
27Hoopless Hikers1:12:50
28Sara Sanchez-LopezW211:14:40
29Jennifer TaylorCHIGW701:15:28
30Alex FieldingHHM141:15:58
31Team PalmerSMOC1:18:29
33Team Dobby1:22:52
34Leighton Trio1:29:05
35Dave and Maria1:58:15


PositionNameClubAge classTime taken
1David CaveroSMOCM210:41:03
2Kevin FieldingHHM450:42:00
3Oliver TomlinsonSMOCM210:46:00
4Mark AdamsHHM500:46:27
5Ed JonesSMOCM450:47:30
6David Shakespeare0:50:11
7Stephen BorrillWAOCM450:51:09
8Stephen MallisonWIMM350:51:12
9Steve HardySMOCM600:51:28
10Chris ReidM400:51:50
11Ian ByfordHHM550:54:49
12Mark GloverSMOCM350:56:20
13Hugh LachlanLEIM500:57:04
14David GarbettM210:59:20
15Freya Askham + LolaSMOC1:01:03
16Matthew HardenHHM161:02:04
17Haydn LeakerSMOCM601:02:58
18Kadmiel Masyk1:04:20
19Todd RaeSMOCM501:05:52
20Graham PemberySMOCM551:05:57
21Tony HardenHHM501:06:48
22Drew VanbeckSMOCM501:08:12
23Chris DrewEBORM651:12:28
24Rooke Family1:15:05
25John WardODM701:17:02
26Catherine GalvinLOKW501:18:25
27Barry BreedHHM701:18:28
28Janet PemberySMOC1:18:33
-Martin Bayretired

Next event

The next event is our Keyne-O at Willen Lake on Sunday 11th September. Details will be on our website nearer the time.

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Organiser's Comments

I hope you all enjoyed today's event round Caldecotte Lake. Certainly the weather was kinder for us than it had been when many of the organising team last ran at Croeso in south Wales. We had plenty of positive comments about the courses set by James Nisbet - he is currently our highest ranked orienteer - so it's good that he is now turning his hand to planning courses as well. This was his first Keyne-O and I must thank Steve Hardy as well for controlling and mentoring James. I must also thank Don and James for making setting out and collecting in the controls so much easier than usual, as well the on the day help from Charles, Dorien, Ed (and Izzy), Freya, Karen, Ros and Steve.
We are always pleased to see visitors from other clubs at Keyne-O and August's event often attracts orienteers from neighbouring clubs as it's a quiet month for big events. This year we welcomed participants from 10 clubs, including some as far away as Yorkshire and North Wales, as well as 11 runners from Happy Herts - but no-one from TVOC! Our next event is at Willen, starting from the Peace Pagoda car park, and I hope to see many of you there again, whether from MK or further afield.

Ian Byrne

Planner's Comments

This was my first attempt at planning and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Many thanks to Steve Hardy whose help was very much appreciated and helped me improve on some of my initial ideas. The biggest challenge is that with a large lake in the middle it limits the route choice for some of the courses but hopefully there was enough there to keep it from being too straightforward. It was great to hear conversations afterwards about people making different choices and I hope everyone enjoyed their morning.

James Nisbet

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