Results for Keyne-O 4: Great Linford

Sunday 10th July

Amble 2.7km

PlaceNameClubAge classTime
1Team EpicSMOC0:26:23
2Luke and Mike0:29:42
4Jack DunningWAOC0:37:27
5Anna Maria Yaneva0:41:25
6Team Skipton0:43:57
7Naomi Parrott0:41:51
8Caitlin Dunning and Jemima BorrillWAOC0:50:04
9Team Boughton0:50:46
10Russell Family0:50:59
11Max and Ethan0:58:04
12Euan Kane1:01:41
13Hiary Kane1:06:02
14Masie Kane1:06:34
16Team Bennett-Thorpe1:09:30
17Kata Czirbesz1:34:29

Trot 4.1km

PlaceNameClubAge classTime
1Jason DunningWAOCM400:31:49
2Karen VinesSMOCW450:33:08
3Matthew PemberySMOCM160:36:01
4Phil HuntM400:38:30
5Haydn LeakerSMOCM600:39:16
6Vesela ChorcevaW400:39:40
7Rebecca NisbetSMOCW160:40:10
8Nikolay YanevM400:41:30
9Helen NisbetSMOC 0:42:19
10Mark ThompsonTVOCM600:43:24
11Alex PemberySMOCM160:43:27
12Todd L. RaeSMOCM500:44:50
13Gary FarnesM500:44:52
14Rookes Trot0:45:39
15Dora BognarSMOC0:46:35
16Krisztina CzirbeszSMOC0:46:59
17Sidney Fletcher0:47:23
18John Fletcher0:47:23
19Charles Taylor-KeaneSMOCM600:48:16
20David EastonSMOCM550:49:02
21Endre CzirbeszSMOC0:50:26
22Janet RichardsonODW650:51:04
23David MatthewsSMOCM500:53:34
24Wendy KentSMOCW550:55:28
25Ros JamesSMOCW550:55:28
26Kathryn Willison0:57:15
27Malc and Dawn Howard0:56:34
28Jane BreedHHW601:00:56
29Claire Tomlinson1:03:56
30Team Anesll1:04:08
31Fox TeamSMOC1:04:44
32Bob AustinSMOCM651:08:35
34The Dwights1:11:11
35Hoopless Hikers1:11:51
36Rodney HugoODM701:15:29
37Team PalmerSMOC1:16:50
38Slahud Deen1:18:46
39Mike Reeves1:23:01
40Clan Yallop1:39:00
41The Golden Eagles1:44:05
42Tasha Kent missed 19SMOCW210:56:04

Run 6.3km

PositionNameClubAge classTime taken
1Stephen BorrillWAOCM450:44:46
2Neriyus TatarunasSMOCM210:47:32
3Robin BishopTVOCM450:49:01
4Ian ByfordHHM550:52:15
5Jon ChandlerLOKM450:53:48
6Oliver TomlinsonSMOCM210:54:28
7Steve HardySMOCM600:56:37
8Hugh LachlanLEIM500:57:38
9David ShakespeareM500:57:02
10Tracy Brown0:59:39
11Agne SuksreryteW351:00:47
12The BrackenburysSMOC1:01:23
13Dorien JamesSMOCM551:01:50
14Drew VanbeckSMOCM501:05:58
15Graham PemberySMOCM551:07:08
16Adrian CoppM401:08:58
17Peter RichesTVOCM651:11:29
18Mel and JanSMOC1:11:50
19John WardODM701:12:44
20Barry BreedHHM701:19:19
Maze-O Results

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Organiser's Comments

It was a grey morning, but the rain just about held off to allow an enthusiastic crowd to enjoy Ian's tour of picturesque Great Linford. The fun was enhanced by the addition of Freya's Maze O, which gave the chance for newcomers to hone their navigation technique, and experience electronic timing.

A huge thankyou goes to our crowd of willing volunteers: Rachel, Jo, Krisztina and family, Wendy, Alec, Tasha, the Pembery family, Haydn, Charles, Ros. Karen and Steve. Such a large turnout meant that everyone who wanted a run got one, and made our job so much easier.

Ann and Debbie

Planner's Comments

As SMOC club nights are often held in Great Linford, itís an area of Milton Keynes that I know quite well, so it was a pleasure to be able to plan a Keyne-O event there. With two events in the area last year, I took a positive decision not to refer back to the earlier courses, but to plan "cold", visiting some of the more interesting features on the map. Hopefully this led to a fresh selection of controls, without any duplication from previous events.

Iím sorry that control 12 on the Run went missing; it wasnít hidden behind the Audi but had been at the end of the marked fence, where the path was too narrow for a car (even my Smart Car) to block the control. I replaced the control as soon as we knew it had been stolen, but suspect that several runners were affected. As always Iíd like to thank my colleagues - Ann and Debbie for organising me; Robert for controlling from afar (and ensuring that Hassall and Lucking did their usual excellent printing job); Karen for coordinating the series, and Freya for also planning three micro-courses - in the maze! And thank you, everyone, for coming for a run on a day when there was so much sport on TV - thereís nothing more dispiriting than planning courses that no-one turns up to run.

Ian Byrne

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