Results for Keyne-O 1: Shenley Wood

Sunday 6th March

Amble 2.7km

1 Matthew Pembery SMOC 16.48
2 Pete Priest TVOC 22.35
3 Imogen Cochran TVOC 24.18
4 Team Awesome! SMOC 26.55
5 Emese Pal   31.05
6 Cobb Family   32.01
7 Sluggards   33.52
8 Naomi   36.08
9 The Bromleys   37.27
10 Roberts   41.20
11 Dora Bognar SMOC 42.00
12 Newbery Family   44.15
13 The Schells   44.39
14 Peter Errington HH 44.44
15 Team Palmer   46.00
16 Team Spence   46.10
17 Team Taylor   49.25
18 Team BFF   50.30
19 Janina Pownall SMOC 51.03
20 Luke   55.05
21 Honore's Team   56.30
22 Marvel Monkeys SMOC 56.51
23 Timi Czirbesz SMOC 60.28
24 Kata Czirbesz SMOC 61.55
25 Golden Eagles   62.03
26 Lena and Dad SMOC 73.43
27 Nicole and Amy   74.35

Trot 4.7km

1 Viktor Kerekes   27.40
2 Dougie Cochran TVOC 27.45
3 Karen Vines SMOC 28.28
4 Helen ErringtonHH 31.11
5 Greg Birdseye TVOC 34.01
6 Eliza Hermann HH 35.04
7 Mark Thompson TVOC 35.57
8 Todd Rae SMOC 36.04
9 Mark Salmon SMOC 36.44
10 Ann Harris SMOC 37.28
11 Krisztina CzirbeszSMOC37.30
12 Debbie CharltonSMOC 37.36
13 Alex Pembery SMOC 39.05
14 Liz Drew EBOR 39.18
15 Ric and Lukas BrackenburySMOC39.48
16 Ros James SMOC 42.24
17 Hoopless Hiker  43.09
18 Charles Taylor-KeaneSMOC43.22
19 Sue Hallett OD 43.45
20 Dave Matthews SMOC 45.32
21 Yvonne Hodson TVOC 46.04
22 Team Ansell   50.04
23 Tasha Kent SMOC 50.27
24 Wendy Kent SMOC 50.33
25 Palser   52.21
26 Reluctant Retfords 56.05
27 Jennifer TaylorCHIG 58.21
28 Fox Team SMOC 61.17
29 Gillian Hogg   63.20
30 Swell   63.46
31 Ferguson   70.32
32 Martin & Jane Thorpe and Family  70.54
33 King Potato   74.20

Run 7.7km

PositionNameClubTime taken
1 Simon Errington HH 50.23
2 James Errington HH 51.10
3 Ed Jones SMOC53.16
4 Ian Byrne SMOC60.09
5 Hugh Lachlan LEI 60.45
6 Rob Askham SMOC61.58
7 Jason Dunning WAOC63.27
8 Drew Vanbeck SMOC64.25
9 Freya Askham SMOC65.01
10Mark Glover SMOC66.03
11 Graham Pembery SMOC75.10
12 Peter Riches TVOC76.01
13 Chris Drew EBOR81.49
14 Jane Drury SMOC89.09
Retired Janet PemberySMOC 

Next event

The next event is our EAOA League event at Brackmills near Northampton on Sunday 20th March . There are courses similar to Keyne-O courses so why not come along and try this area.

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Organiser's Comments

Though cold at least we saw some sign of the sun and it was a nice day for a walk or run in the woods. Shenley can be a bit muddy in places but everyone seemed to cope. We heard nothing but praise for Richard's courses so thanks to him for planning some excellent courses at comparitively short notice.

A big thank to our team of helpers, Alec, Wendy, Tasha, Ros, Charles and Ian. Any one who signs up to help three times qualifies to purchase the smart new 2016 Keyne-O kit at a reduced rate. And, of course, helpers signed up before the event qualify for a free run. So why not sign up now?

Karen Vines and Steve Hardy

Planner's Comments

Its quite a small area, Shenley Wood, so even on Amble it required a bit of zig-zagging to get the usual course lengths. And away from the paths the woodland is generally not much fun to run through, so there are fewer options for the longer courses. If you thought it was a little heavy going in the woods around control 20 on Run, believe me that was about the best bit there was. So without much technicality I played with trying to give you a few route choice options to ponder, at least on the Run. I hope there was something there to exercise the grey matter just a little.

Still, a lovely morning with which to start off the new season. The woods were splendid in frost and sunshine at 7am. Hopefully well have a few more bright events during the year.

Richard Pownall

Lost Property

We have acquired a small runners water bottle. If it's yours please email the organiser to arrange its return.

Joining SMOC

If you are new to orienteering and wish to join SMOC, you can join via the British Orienteering website here.