incorporating the Midland Championships and Interland 2008 selection races

28th October 2007

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Badge Times
Colour Coded Pars
String Course
Organiser's Comments

Salcey Forest is somewhat different from SMOCís last major event in 2006, the Sprint Championships in a Milton Keynes park, but with careful planning it can produce some complex conventional areas and legs. I was pleased when asked if it could be used for the Midland Championships and hope that with Robert Doveís new map it provided sufficient testing challenges. Congratulations to all class winners. The location is ideal for the three regions, with easy access to the M1, but the increasing popularity of the forest with the general public ruled out the north east part which had been used previously, prompting us to base the courses in the southern half of the map. We had been warned that there would be a little forestry work over the summer, but in the event the plans changed and we were faced with some major works which caused John to rework the yellow and orange courses in the final days preceding the event. Hopefully the forestry work didnít cause too many problems for the rest of you.

One other unexpected problem was caused by the parking team who had reported for duty expecting their remaining members to arrive, but it turned out they did not, leaving the team short-handed and too busy to ask for assistance, for which my apologies for any inconvenience. Hopefully the problems were no more than that to most, although the lack of co-operation from a very small number of drivers did make things worse for others and I make no apology for their behaviour.

Everything seemed to run smoothly in respect of the competition itself, for which my thanks to the small band of SMOC club members, for several of whom this was their first taste of a regional event. A big thank you also to Peter for his controlling and help on the day.

Thank you all for coming, I hope you enjoyed your day.

Keith Downing

Badge Times
M21S 65:53 79:04 105:25
M35L 87:26 104:55 139:54
M35S 57:21 68:49 91:45
M40L 89:13 107:03 142:45
M40S 58:31 70:13 93:37
M45L 77:50 93:24 124:32
M45S 51:12 61:26 81:55
M50L 88:42 106:26 141:55
M50S 58:21 70:01 93:22
M55L 67:32 81:03 108:04
M55S 48:43 58:27 77:56
M60L 65:57 79:09 105:32
M60S 41:05 49:18 65:44
M65L 68:42 82:27 109:56
M65S 52:13 62:39 83:32
M70L 75:4690:56121:14
M75L 106:11 127:25 169:54
W21L 88:26 106:07 141:30
W21S 58:10 69:49 93:05
W35L 70:01 84:01 112:02
W35S 50:30 60:36 80:48
W40L 68:07 81:45 109:00
W40S 49:08 58:58 78:37
W45L 54:2165:1486:58
W45S 41:1949:3466:06
W50L 74:36 89:32 119:23
W50S 49:14 59:05 78:47
W55L 66:17 79:33 106:04
W55S 49:43 59:39 79:33
W60L 70:41 84:49 113:06
W65L 78:26 94:07 125:30
W70L 83:41 100:25 133:54
W75L 81:13 97:28 129:58
Colour Coded Pars
WhiteAll runners
Lt Green1:27:46
String Course
Team Noj5:00
Matthew Brindle6:18
Jonathan Cunnane13:45
Lucy Brindle12:20
Imogen Wilson7:30
Rachel Bampton8:12
Molly Bampton8:12
Joanna Smith8:12
Ben Hardy10:00
James Nisbet4:00
Rebecca Nisbet9:00
Ben Rigby12:20
Oliver Armitage4:18
Alicia Low9:40
Ella Rose McCartney4:55
Sophie Vincent6:35
Catherine Hemmingway2:40
Thomas Hemmingway2:40
Mika Tala3:45
Juulia Tala6:05
Emilia Tala8:05
Matthew Felbaum3:00
Alban Rigby9:40
Nick and Ben4:10
Emma and Imogen9:35
Jake Field3:00
Matthew Brindle4:35
Harry Butt2:30
PlannerJohn Shaw
ControllerPeter Hornsby (MOR)
Aerial Walkway. Aerial Walkway.