Next event

If you enjoyed this event then why not come along to our next event on May 22nd at Buckingham. Details will be on our events page soon.

Organisers and Planners Comments

This was our first event open to the public with entry on the day for well over two years. It was great to have a decent turnout and to see a number of new faces.

We deliberately kept the event low key and as contactless as possible. The experiment with using the MapRun application for 'punching' wasn't an an unqualified success to say the leadt. MapRun is normally a reliable application and why we had so few successful runs is a mystery. Fortunately I recorded all times manually and these are the results shown. On the other hand the very low tec option with a pencil proved popular and certainly not slow, the winner of Run used it.

Stanton Low is a pleasant area with attractive views across the Ouse Valley. While not offering challenging orienteering it does provide a good area for a run and the courses seemed to go down well.

I think I've managed to synchronise the various timings and entry details but if you spot an error do let me know and I'll be happy to fix it.

Finally thanks to the team of helpers who made the event a success.

Steve Hardy

A Repeat Performance?

If anyone fancies a repeat performance we are aiming to make the courses, including maps on phones, available on MapRun soon. Check the SMOC website for availability.

Amble 3.0k
1Vout Boys20:27
2SMOCRichard Askham23:15
3Clare and Owen30:30
6Maldar Mob38:40
7SMOCThe Jeffs47:40
8Captain Underpants49:00
9Vout Girls49:15
Trot 4.5k
1SMOCDebbie Charlton42:01
2SMOCHelen Nisbet44:06
3Steptoe and Run45:04
4Sarah Calderbank50:51
6SMOCAnn Virco57:31
7TVOCYvonne Hobson58:31
8Gillian Farman65:31
9SMOCBlue Tits88:24
Run 6.0k
1SMOCRic Brackenbury37:03
2HHCharlotte Coles40:20
3SMOCDorien James42:12
4Derek Wheelhouse42:44
5SMOCRob Askham45:04
6TVOCMikhail Gryaznevich45:16
7HHIan Byford46:35
8SMOCDrew Vanbeck48:17
9SMOCMilly Askham57:21
10SMOCLawrence Hygate65:10