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3km, 0 controls

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Sandra Mather SMOC W50 26:32
2nd Fern Tomlinson SMOC   27:41
3rd Alex Pembery SMOC M18 28:00
4th Daniel Pigott POTOC M10 38:16
5th Sluggards     40:46
6th Pearce Family     43:48
7th Jacob Fisher IND M12 45:19
8th Simon Family IND   56:48
9th Golden Eagles     58:37
10th Chaudington     61:45
11th Ayla Fisher SMOC W10 62:14
12th Ladybirds     62:33
13th Hristov Family IND   63:08
14th Clive Wrench TVOC M75 65:02
15th Allans IND   65:45
16th Farrington     72:01
17th Meadering Waters IND   74:42
dnf Team Colin +1 IND   59:44

Long Run

7km, 0 controls

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Graham Pigott POTOC M35 43:27
2nd Ed Jones SMOC M45 44:17
3rd Ian Jones NGOC M50 44:47
4th Alex Owen LOK M40 47:51
5th Stephen Borrill WAOC M45 47:59
6th Mark Adams HH M55 49:50
7th Nerijus Tatarunas SMOC M21 54:01
8th Agne Suksteryte SMOC W40 54:53
9th Paul Hearn HH M50 57:05
10th Emily Bradshaw SMOC W35 58:56
11th Team Awful SMOC   58:57
12th Graham Pembery SMOC M60 63:13
13th Jakeriel AFF   64:37
14th Janet and Mel     66:46
15th Roger Cliffe TVOC M45 67:26
16th Margaret Jones NGOC W50 68:21
17th Helen Nisbet SMOC W55 68:41
18th Peter Riches TVOC M65 70:06
19th Gary Farnes     77:43
20th CLM IND   88:48
21st Jankovic Miodrag   M45 94:18

Short Run

5.1km, 0 controls

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Matthew Pembery SMOC M18 30:45
2nd Toby Fisher SMOC M40 38:44
3rd Keith Banham TVOC M60 40:19
4th David Saunders HH M55 41:30
5th Nick Lester IND M30 42:06
6th Ben Mullaney IND M30 42:54
7th Eliza Hermann HH W55 43:27
8th Gill Hanson HH W50 43:54
9th Darren and Katie     45:38
10th Leilani     46:22
11th Mark Salmon SMOC M45 47:20
12th Mark Thompson TVOC M60 47:21
13th Drew Vanbeck SMOC M55 48:00
14th Walnut Tree Wimbollers SMOC   49:43
15th Alison Saunders HH W55 50:17
16th Brent Bunch     51:11
17th Grose Boys IND   51:34
18th Charles Taylor-Keane SMOC M60 56:06
19th Ros James SMOC W55 58:52
20th Yvonne Hodson TVOC W70 62:23
21st Hoopless Hikers IND   78:10
22nd Carol Hill WAOC W65 90:28

Short Trot

4km, 0 controls

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Rachel Banham     39:04
2nd Debbie Charlton SMOC W55 39:35
3rd Peter Cheetham     47:06
4th Charlotte Cheetham     47:16
5th Alesha Lowe SUFFOC W14 53:00
6th Malc and Dawn     53:59
7th Alec Maldar SMOC M55 54:22
8th The Bromleys IND   56:40
9th Paul Lowe SUFFOC M55 56:49
10th Reluctant Retfords IND   59:40
11th Moto Moto IND   60:36
12th We Love Cornwall SMOC   61:47
13th Wendy Kent SMOC W55 66:17
14th Natasha Kent SMOC   69:51
15th Paul Hill WAOC M65 76:39
No time Isaac Hopkins SMOC M12 about 45
dnf S and D IND   77:01