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Organiserʼs Comments

Thank you very much to everyone who helped: Tasha, Wendy, Karen, Steve, Ann, Will, Charles, Dorien ─ and Dave Matthews, who kindly stepped in when hands were short on deck. Thank you also to David for some interesting courses. These were quite demanding on such an unseasonal day, with the Run course coming out close to 10km actual distance. We hope that the Runners enjoyed the extra challenge.

Our next Keyne-O will be on Sunday 15th October at Campbell Park.

Ros James


3.2 km

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Sluggards     45:02
2nd A.A. + M.Jordan SMOC   51:26
3rd Alesha Lowe SUFFOC W14 53:25
4th Schells-M     55:04
5th A-Team     57:34
6th Withams     86:02


4.4 km

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Carlin White EVOC M21 39:05
2nd Team Awful SMOC   41:18
3rd David Saunders HH M55 46:42
4th Martin Cook SMOC M60 47:29
5th Dai Wilson RAFO M35 49:08
6th John and Sue Hartley WAOC   53:32
7th Ann Harris SMOC W60 55:16
8th Charles Taylor-Keane SMOC M60 55:22
9th FOCA     56:11
10th Gwilym James SMOC M21 57:39
11th Eric Armitage   M50 57:53
12th Jack Dunning WAOC M12 62:41
13th Alejandro Arango Echeverri   M21 69:48
14th Dave Matthews SMOC M50 69:58
15th Paul Lowe SUFFOC M55 70:35
16th Sara Sanchez Lopez   W21 74:23
17th Yvonne Hodson TVOC W70 77:14
18th Tasha Kent SMOC W21 77:51
19th Wendy Kent SMOC W55 80:45
20th The Pearce Family     83:24
21st Hector Honrubia Huertas     94:05
22nd David Baines     94:14
23rd Aeschlimann     95:19
24th Fergusons     108:08
25th JoJo & Co     111:00
26th Golden Eagles     124:57


7.3 km

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Ed Jones SMOC M45 58:01
2nd Scott Craig BAOC M40 61:50
3rd Mark Rookledge OD M50 63:20
4th Peter Warland SOS M50 63:33
5th Stephen Borrill WAOC M45 64:51
6th Paul Rushmer SMOC M50 69:32
7th Hugh Lachlan LEI M50 71:49
8th Tony Harden HH M50 75:56
9th Peter Riches TVOC M65 82:54
10th Mike Shires TVOC M40 84:28
11th John Ward OD M70 100:39