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Rushmere and Stockgrove

Sunday 23rd March 2014

Ranking Event (Level C) and EA League





BOF ranking points

EAOA League points

Planners' Comments:

Rushmere is a delight to plan on with plenty of fast runnable woodland and heath. It is not without it's problems though, the main one being a number of fairly narrow corridors between the main blocks to the north, east and south; one of the main reasons for the two finishes. As it was a new area getting course lengths right was tricky and we perhaps underestimated just how runnable the terrain was and how fast some people can get up hills.

There are lots of people who we'd like to thank for making the event a success and our job that much easier.

Roger Edwards generously agreed to control despite being a JK planner. Roger's advice and suggestions were invaluable helping us plan fair and interesting courses and he certainly taught us a lot about the minutiae of course planning.

Robert Dove did an excellent job in coordinating the survey and doing the cartography for the map. About two thirds of the area was newly mapped and the rest of the area needed updating. Robert Dove and Neil Carter also deserve an award for one of the best temporary stiles I've ever seen at an orienteering event.

Special thanks are due to Ros James for an excellent job in organising the event and enabling us to get on with the planning. We were especially grateful that she had organised so many control collectors so we we had the forest cleared in double quick time.

And finally thanks to everyone for coming along and taking part, without you we would be wasting our time.

Steve Hardy and Karen Vines

Organiser's Comments:

Huge thanks to all our helpers yesterday - you did a great job and really made things easy for me. It was great to have so many new faces on the team, too!

We were very pleased to have such a good turnout, and it was especially nice to see some of our regular Keyne-O participants making the step up to 'proper' forest orienteering for the first time. We hope you'll be back for more!

Most people seem to have enjoyed their runs - "A superb area, great parking, well planned courses" was one comment I received by email this morning. So all credit to Karen and Steve's planning, and the mapping efforts of Robert and his team, as well as the excellent terrain.

Special thanks go to Roger Edwards of LEI for being our controller and keeping us all up to the mark.

Thanks also to club members who let us have their maps for recycling (just in case). If you didn't pick up a replacement map at the end, drop me a line and I'll send you one - I'll also bring some along to Club Night.

Finally, big thanks to the Greensand Trust for letting us use the area, and for their support in the lead-up to the event.

Ros James

String Course:

Richard Askham SMOC 04:50
Milly Askham SMOC 04:10
Max Straube OD07:10
Catherine Dudley WAOC 05:30
Kajsa Harstad WAOC 10:10
Daniel Walker OD 07:30
Kasper Harstad WAOC 12:00
Ayla Fisher SMOC 06:55
Jacob Fisher SMOC 06:45
Isaac Hopkins SMOC 04:50
Hannah Freeman HH 03:45
Barney Barnes SUFFOC 04:30
Theo Barnes SUFFOC 04:31
Tamar Hopkins SMOC 03:35
Mrs West SMOC 03:37
Matthew Pembery SMOC 02:55
Alex Pembery SMOC 03:05