Minutes of SMOC Committee meeting, 29thth June 2007

Attendees: Steve Hardy, Robert Dove, Keith Downing, Helen Nisbet, Neil Carter and Karen Vines

Apologies: John Shaw, Sue Leaker, Richard Pownall, and Jason Falconer

  1. Summer series. The first summer series event at Stewartby went well. There was a good Keyne-O turn-out and some SMOC turnout. All of this with the event only being advertised on the website.

Future summer series are:

  1. 16th September – C5 event at Stowe. John Shaw is in charge of this. The courses are likely to be the same as the last time an event was put on there.

  2. 28th October – Regional event at Salcey. This event now incorporates an Interland selection race as well as the Midland Champs. It is planned to have the start, finish and parking. Discussion with contractors suggests that nearby roadworks will not scupper this. Deadlines for various aspects of the event (e.g. sending maps to printers) has not yet been drawn up. However entries open for the event on 11th August. Flyers will be taken to the Scottish 6-days and advertising will reassure competitors that the bad reputation of the area is undeserved. Blocked or open start times are proposed for most competitors. However Keith with liaise with the organisers of the Interland selection races and the Midland champs about restrictions on start times required for these competitions.

  3. Keyne-O.
    The following dates and venues were agreed.

All these still need registering with the Parks Trust. The cost is rising to £2 per map as a result of increases in BOF levy. More publicity would be desirable – for example making sure that local running clubs know about Keyne-O. The publicity is hampered by the post of Publicity Officer on the committee still being unfilled.

Stop Press – Ann Harris has agreed to be our Publicity Officer.

  1. Spring District Event. The possibility of holding a joint event with Leicester Orienteering Club at Irchester Country Park is being investigated.

  2. The last open club meeting seemed to be successful. Therefore another one is planned for 23rd August. The aim will be purely social. The same venue is proposed with a start time of 8pm, though members could meet up earlier for a meal.

  3. Regionalisation. The danger with regionalisation is that we could get cut-off from support from BOF. For example, we might end up in the position that we get no help from RDOs because we are not seen to be in anybody’s “patch”. Keith was congratulated for the care with which he replied on behalf of SMOC. Disappointingly there has been no response at all from BOF to our feedback.

  4. A questionnaire about the use of Salcey Forest and Yardley Chase has been received. Keith will respond to the foresters on behalf of SMOC. (Keith is already seen as the point of contact by the foresters at Marston Vale.)

  5. Maps.

  6. Whitecap, a leisure company who own land around Willen Lake, appear to offer orienteering to corporate groups. It would be interesting to know how exactly they are running their orienteering activity.

  7. Hire of SI kit. The cost of hiring the EA SI kit is rising from 25p to 75p per competitor. This price hike is being driven by the need to fund replacement of the kit sooner than was originally anticipated.

  8. The bank account is now sorted and tidied after the transfer of the Treasurership.

  9. The next committee meeting will be 7.30pm, Friday 14th September. All welcome – please contact Steve Hardy for directions.