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Winter MapRun Series

December MapRun

December's Winter MapRun takes place in Tatternoe. The courses are available now.

The best place to park is the small car park opposite the Prince George pub. MK4 3BE(dial.electric.latitudes)

This month the map is a standard "Street-O" stick map where the roads and paths are shown as black lines, open areas are yellow and areas of housing (with no access) are shown in white. The courses take in the Tattenhoe valley as well as the surrounding estate.

Run: Start and Finish are at the end of the car park near the church.

Sprint: Start and Finish are a short walk (500m) away at solar.delay.foods. See downloaded MapRun map for exact location.

Planner: Freya Askham

Run Course QR Code

Sprint Course QR Code

The QR codes above should initiate course downloads.

As a special Christmas treat here are downloadable PDFs of the course maps:

Run map

Sprint map

It is not always possible to produce printable maps of courses so please don't expect these every month.

Any questions or feedback please email Steve.

Introduction to Winter MapRun

Every month a new set of MapRun courses will be made available. They will be available just for the calendar month and can be run at any time that suits you. They can also be run as many times as you like.

There will be ongoing leagues based on the fastest times with seperate leagues for ladies and gentlemen for each course.

The courses available will be:

Distances are the minimum practicable distances not straight line between controls. These are line courses so controls must be taken in order.

To run the courses you will need at least MapRun 6 installed on your smart device. MapRun have recently released MapRun v7, this appears in the App Stores as just 'MapRun',

If you haven't used MapRun before it's quite straightforward. Once you have downloaded the app fire it up and go to 'select event'. Find first the UK and then South Midlands. Once there you should be able to find the winter MapRun courses. The will be named Month area course e.g. 'October Wolverton Sprint'. Select your chosen course which should then download. Sometimes there's a small lag before download starts so be patient. Before you run the course you'll need to enter some personal details, this is a one off process. You can then click 'Go to Start'. This will bring up the map and course, you can rotate and zoom the map in the usual ways. When you reach a control the circle will go Green and you will get a beep. Once you have finished you can check the results to see how you have done.

Safety: these events are taking place in urban environments so do please be aware of traffic both on and off the pavements. Given the nature of the courses they are not suitable for unaccompanied juniors (u16).